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Strategic Plan

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Charles Wilson, Superintendent of SchoolsA Diverse School District

Welcome to Bulloch County Schools. We are an internationally accredited school district which serves more than 11,000 Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth-grade students across 15 campuses and three alternative learning centers.  We fully embrace the diversity of our students who represent 18 nationalities, 24 languages, and many unique abilities. In fact, we recently asked our students to express what diversity means to them.  We listened, and the ideas they shared through art, music, and the written word, have been showcased in a video that we use to help guide our community’s and organization’s conversations, planning, and training. Be sure to view the video.

A Heart for Service

I have served Bulloch County County Schools for nearly 30 years, seven of those as the superintendent of schools .  During this time, I am proud of how our community, Board of Education, and employees have worked together to give our school system a strategic plan of action. This plan is the impetus behind what we do every day at every level to prepare students for success and enhance the value of our community.  We continue to better engage and collaborate for major initiatives like facilities planning, reviewing our student assessments, minority recruitment, and the potential use of education special local option sales taxes for capital improvements for our schools. 

Establishing a Performance Culture

I believe we have built a solid foundation for future innovation. In March 2017, we received strong affirmation of our progress from AdvancED, during our five-year international reaccreditation process (PDF).  “You are on the brink of doing incredible things,” John Sedey said. John was the lead evaluator for the six-member external review team who visited the district. He expressed to us, “You have the right people and pieces in place.” 

What we received from the accreditation report is a testimony to what Bulloch County Schools has become since 2012. We are on a continuous improvement journey toward excellence to give our community and its children what they need and deserve. We are transforming, and I thank everyone, who has reached out and come along side of us.

We operate under a strategic plan developed by engaged stakeholders from throughout our community. Our faculty and staff, with an understanding of our vision, mission and beliefs, actively work to achieve the goals and initiatives outlined in the plan. 

Engaging the Community

We are focused on improving how we engage the community for input and guidance about key initiatives.  Our community committees for facility improvement, minority recruitment, and the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST IV) and our annual Speak Up for Education events are examples of our improvement in this area. 

Growing Leaders and Establishing Autonomy

In the past we operated through a top-down decision making process with isolated individual practices at each of our 15 schools. Now, we we build leadership capacity from within our employee base, better collaborate as a learning community with structured district expectations, while still empowering school administrators and teacher leaders with professional autonomy.

Our new performance culture embraces excellence, trust, transparency and accountability. As a result, we see results in behavioral changes and instructional practices throughout the school system. We believe this change in our culture is the foundation for success going forward.

Our participation in the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement’s training and the development of our own Aspiring Leaders and New Teacher Induction & Mentoring programs are examples of how we are growing leaders.  Our employees are better equipped to create performance cultures within our schools. These skills will better enable them to take community input and annually formulate strategic school improvement goals.

Encouraging Better Collaboration

Our faculty now collaborates regularly in professional learning communities. We have built in prioritized time during the school day and school calendar for them to meet. We advocate having an effective education pipeline where there is open, continuous dialogue between grade levels, and schools where ideas and best practices are shared.  

No one understands our challenges better than our teachers, so establishing a collaborative, continuous-improvement culture gives us the structure and flexibility to empower teachers to help our students discover success at every level.

Giving Educators the Tools They Need

Finally, we continue to invest in the best tools for data analysis and instructional technology. Data analysis tools help our leaders to make data-driven decisions for areas of improvement and help our teachers adjust instruction to better meet students' needs.

Thank you to everyone who supports public education in Bulloch County,

Charles G. Wilson,

Superintendent of Schools

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