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Research Request Protocol

Bulloch County Schools recognizes that systematic study of the educational process can contribute significantly to the development and implementation of high-quality instructional programs. While recognizing the value of educational research, the district also has a responsibility to protect students, parents, and staff from invasion of privacy and substantial distraction from teaching and learning.

Criteria for Approval

In order for a research proposal to be approved, it must:

  • Benefit students;
  • Align with the district’s strategic plan or the school’s improvement plan (these are posted on each school's website);
  • Align with state/county curriculum;
  • Support other Bulloch County Schools initiatives;
  • Assure privacy for students, parents, and staff;
  • Minimize disruption to classroom instruction and/or teacher planning time.


Reporting the Results

Within one month of the study’s conclusion, the researcher must submit a one to four page summary of findings to the principal(s) of the school(s) involved in the study and to Mr. Jeff Giddens by email


Approval Process

  • Complete the Bulloch County Schools Research Request Google form.
  • A committee will review the proposal and approve, deny, or request revisions.
  • Review of the proposal will take about four weeks. If the proposed research is time sensitive, please indicate so in the project narrative.
  • Researcher will be notified of the committee’s decision.

The proposal review committee will include representation from the teaching and administrative staff of Bulloch County Schools, the college/university research community, parents/guardians of Bulloch County School students, and the Bulloch County Board of Education.

Key Contacts

Jeff Giddens, Director