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Elementary (Grades Kindergarten through Fifth)

Homeroom Teachers

All students will be assigned to a homeroom teacher as a primary point of contact for the virtual student and his/her parents.  

Academic Content Areas

Elementary students will participate in all four academic, core-content areas:  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  In grades Kindergarten through third-grade, regular education students can expect to have the same teacher for all content areas.  In grades fourth through fifth, regular education students can expect to have two academic teachers:  one for Language Arts and Social Studies and a different teacher for Math and Science.

Study Skills

Special education students may be scheduled with a special education teacher for one or more academic areas and may also be assigned a separate study skills class for additional support. Schedules for special education teachers will be created by each student’s Individualized Education Plan team.

Elementary Specials

Elementary students will be scheduled to take Spanish during one, nine-week period during the school year.  This will be taught by a Spanish teacher.

Graded courses will not be offered for Music, Art, Physical Education, or Science-Technology-Engineering-Math at the elementary level.  “Learn on Your Own” resources will, however, be provided in enrichment areas for parents and students.

Quest (Gifted Services)

Gifted students will be scheduled to an additional class in which they will participate in enrichment activities as part of the district’s Quest program.