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District Removal of Virtual Option for Students

Bulloch County Schools Virtual Program may not be an appropriate instructional delivery model for all families. The following process is designed to allow for early identification of students who may not find success in the Virtual Program, so that they can return for face-to-face instruction and limit learning loss.

Virtual Program Probationary Status

Criteria for Probationary Status

Virtual program students will be evaluated after 6four and one-half weeks, nine weeks and thirteen and one-half weeks of enrollment to determine if they have met the following requirements.  Any students failing to meet either or both of the following criteria will be placed on probationary status:

  • Grades Kindergarten through Second:  Students must have completed at least 50 percent of required assignments; or 

Grades Three through Twelve: Students must have no more than two classes with a grade average of less than 50 percent.

  • Student must have participated in all required in-person, proctored assessments.
Mandatory Meeting and Development of Academic Contract

Parents of students placed into probationary status will be required to meet with the Virtual Program administrator and homeroom teacher within one week of being placed on probationary status. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possible return to face-to-face instruction or development of an academic contract to provide structures to help the student find success in the Virtual Program.  

Failure of the parent and student to attend this mandatory meeting will result in immediate withdrawal of the student from the Virtual Program.  

Failure to Meet Terms of Academic Contract

Failure to meet the terms of the Academic Contract shall result in the removal of the Virtual Program option for the student.  7Students for whom the Virtual Program was removed as an option during the 2021-2022 school year shall not be eligible to re-apply for the Virtual Program in the current or next academic year.  

 6Due to the accelerated pace of the four-by-four block classes, Southeast Bulloch High School will evaluate at three, six, and nine weeks.

7Students with documented medical hardships should discuss other options for service with the Virtual Program Administrator.