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Required Class Meeting Times

Specific class meeting schedules will be provided by your student’s teacher(s) at the beginning of the year and may vary from week to week based on the teacher’s need to organize small groups.  The following is intended to provide broad parameters of the frequency and length of required class participation.  Students will be required to meet via Google Meet or Zoom during the specified times and have their cameras turned on, as requested by the teacher. Grades will be taken during some of these required meeting times.

Students logging into class more than 5 minutes late will be counted as tardy. Students not attending a minimum of 50 percent of the class will be counted absent. 

Session times will be set by teacher / class, not by individual students.  If there are multiple children in your household who require supervision or if you have internet connectivity issues in your household, you may want to reconsider virtual learning, as there is no guarantee that multiple children in your household will not be expected to be in required meetings at the same time.