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Characteristics of a Successful Virtual Learner

Parents are encouraged to use this “quick quiz” to determine whether virtual learning will be a good fit for your family.

True False  


  If my child participated in virtual learning during the 2020 through 2021 school year, they was successful and were not removed from the Virtual Program option.
    My child works well independently, with little supervision. (Grades fourth through twelfth)
    An adult in my home is able to dedicate ten to fifteen hours per week to direction and supervision during instructional time for each child in the household. (Kindergarten through third grade)
    My child has access to a quiet and distraction-free environment for participation in required virtual class meetings and completion of independent work.
    An adult in my home has sufficient experience with use of technology such that basic support can be provided to the student.
    My child can be online for all required class meetings held on specific dates and times.  See Required Virtual Class Meetings section.
    My child will not be expected to provide childcare to young children in Required Virtual Class Meetings and for no more than a few hours a day overall.
    The courses offered within the virtual program are acceptable to our family. See Course Offerings section.
    Our family is willing to commit to the Virtual Program for the entirety of the 2021 through 2022 academic year.
    My child is excited about the opportunity to participate in virtual learning.


If you answered true to all items above, your child may be a good candidate for the Virtual Program.