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Self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

Resources for Self-Care

All It Takes is About 10 Minutes, TEDTalk by Andy Puddicombe, mindfulness expert
Invest in Yourself! Commit to Self Care from the Center for Parent & Teen Communication
COVID-19 Stress: Coping Skills for Parents and Children from YouthFirst
Books about Self-Care

Resources for Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships (Google slideshow)
Teaching Healthy Relationships to Teens from Simply Family Magazine
5 Tips for Teens and Young Adults from the Harvard Graduate School of Education
Books about Healthy Relationships

Resources for Educators

Supporting Educator Wellness, a Google slideshow that offers Bulloch County School employees practical suggestions for sleep, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness as well as an opportunity to participate in yoga

Tips for Teachers to Manage Stress, is a presentation that provides Bulloch County School teachers with helpful insights and strategies for recognizing and dealing with the effects of emotional/physical tension.

Teacher Testimonial - Work/Life Balance During COVID-19