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High School Students - Earning Credit By Testing Out

The Georgia Department of Education allows students the option to test-out of high school End-of-Course assessment courses per provisions in State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1.15 (Awarding Units of Credit and Acceptance or Transfer Credit and/or Grades).  This rule provides an opportunity for high performing students to earn End-of-Course assessment course credit without taking the course.  Under the provisions of the rule, and guidelines published by the Georgia Department of Education, students who meet state and local eligibility criteria can take an End of Course assessment before enrolling in and taking the course, and if they score at the Distinguished Learner level on the assessment, they will be awarded credit for that course.

Course credit earned through testing out is reported as one unit of regular credit earned through course completion.  No quality points or honors level of distinction will be applied for course credit earned through testing-out.  The grade equivalent score provided on the End-of-Course score report will be entered as the grade for the course.  This score will not calculate toward the student’s grade point average for the Hope Scholarship or towards class rank for honor graduate, valedictorian, or salutatorian.  

Per state guidance, eligible students are provided only one opportunity per course to participate in the test-out option. A student may earn no more than three units of credit by demonstrating subject area competency in this fashion. Please see your child’s school counselor for more information.