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Volunteer Protocol



Level One

Visitor Volunteer

Limited availability. Indirect student interactions. Infrequent student contact. Examples: Booster clubs, concession sales, book fairs, PTA, off-campus volunteer, classroom parties, office assistance, speakers, and presenters.

Level Two

Committed Volunteer

Moderate availability. Increased interactions with students. Moderate frequency. Includes working with small groups of students under a teacher or staff member’s direct supervision. Examples: Clerical volunteer, Field Day, Lunch Buddy, Classroom Parent.

Level Three

Dedicated Volunteer


High level of availability. Frequent, direct and close interactions with students. Examples:
Mentors, Tutors, Chaperones/Field Trips, Class projects, Club sponsors.

1 Contact the volunteer coordinator at the school of your choice.

Complete the Volunteer Information Form 


3 Provide profile that describes the services that are being offered by the volunteer individual or organization. NO NO YES
4 Complete the background check process. NO NO




Contact the volunteer coordinator(s) at the school(s) of your choice to schedule orientation session, school tour, information review.


Optional YES YES
6 Work with Volunteer Coordinator to identify appropriate activities and schedule dates and times. YES YES YES