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Important Volunteer Tips

To be a volunteer who helps ensure the success of all our students, please remember these important tips:

Mandated reporting - If a volunteer learns of a situation where they suspect that a student is being abused or neglected, this must be reported immediately to the supervising teacher or staff member.

Confidentiality - Volunteers must maintain strict confidentiality concerning information they learn about students and staff members. This includes student grades, abilities, test scores, and behavior. If there is a concern, talk to the supervising teacher or staff member.

Supervision - All activities where volunteers are interacting with students require supervision by school district personnel, such as a teacher or staff member.

Discipline - It is not the volunteer’s responsibility to discipline the student. Volunteers can provide redirection or verbal instructions regarding behavior. Report all incidents to the supervising teacher or staff member.

Attendance - Your presence is valued. Please arrive as scheduled and on time. Please inform the school, the supervising teacher or staff member of your absence, as soon as possible.

Appearance - Volunteers should be well groomed and dressed in a manner that sets a good example for students. Consult the Bulloch County Schools Student Handbook for additional guidance.

Demeanor - Volunteers are expected to have conduct and language that is positive and professional, exemplifying good physical and mental health.

Safety - Be aware of school safety practices in regard to the playground, handling of sharp objects, use of chemicals, crisis response, fire drills, etc. Report all concerns to the supervising teacher or staff member.

Key Contacts

Dr. Julie Chance
Executive Director of Program Improvement


Gwen Ray
Administrative Assistant


Tim Rountree

Transitions Learning Center; Graduation Performance Academy

Keith Wilkey
Director of School Social Work 
& Homeless Liaison


Hanson Filson
School Social Worker
 & Foster Care Liaison

Alexandra Hill
School Social Worker


Shyrae Mutcherson
School Social Worker 
Dept. of Family & Children's Services Liaison