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School psychologists are the highest trained entry-level position serving students within the school systems in Georgia. Practicing school psychologists must have a minimum of an Educational Specialist (EdS) degree which is one degree above a master's level but just below a doctorate. 

All practicing school psychologists are certified by the state of Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission. There are several school psychologists in Bulloch County who also hold a National School Psychologist certification (NCSP).

School psychologists have a variety of roles, one of which, is working with and consulting with various faculty teams within our schools, such as school safety, response to intervention, school discipline, school improvement and special education. 

They work with all special education students in the county and complete comprehensive student assessments for special education evaluations and re-evaluations. School psychologists are experts in special education eligibility criteria. 

They consult with a variety of stakeholders including teachers, counselors, administrators and parents of general education students who may have support needs. 

They provide direct services when needed in working with students with behavioral needs and providing behavior plan development and implementation. They provide input for other student program planning and implementation and also contribute to ongoing analysis/ researching program effectiveness for students typically on a case by case basis.

Examples of additional roles include

  • Crisis intervention Team participants during an untimely deaths or difficult school situations.
  • Mental health service consultations, liaisons and support for students and faculty.
  • System level and school level consultations and various teacher/ parent trainings
  • Assisting with functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention program planning. 
  • Assisting with 504 assessment and 504 plan development. 
  • School data/ program analysis and decision making.
  • Facilitating manifestation determination meetings for special education students.

School Psychologists

Phenecia Sheppard, Secretary



Dr. Bruce Rogers, EdD, NCSP

Lead School Psychologist


Lisa Southwell, EdS

School Psychologist


Ashlee Redding, EdS, NCSP

School Psychologist


Kelly Staley, EdS

School Psychologist


Laura Costlow, EdS

School Psychologist