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Meal Pricing

Choice menus for breakfast and lunch are offered in all schools regardless of grade structure.  A breakfast cereal line and hot food bar are offered daily. Middle and High School students will be offered such choices as grill items, chef salads, pizza, cold sandwiches, and the traditional hot meals for lunch.  Elementary students can choose between a hot line, sandwich line, or salad daily.  “Offer versus Serve” (OVS) will be implemented in all grades at lunch.  This means a student is allowed to refuse a food item they do not want.  OVS reduces food costs by decreasing waste, yet the meal qualifies for reimbursement.

Students are encouraged to eat a regular lunch before being allowed to purchase supplemental sale and A la Carte items.  These items are in addition to the meal and are not intended to be sold individually to make a meal. Any item sold in the school must meet the requirements of our local wellness policy. Only school nutrition program employees and students with an approved application on file will be allowed to eat free meals. See more information below about charging meals.

These meal prices are consistent with prices charged in other school systems with similar demographics. Each local school nutrition staff and the nutrition department staff are available to assist in any way possible to assure that the program teaches good nutrition practices and promotes healthy eating habits.

Meal Prices for Breakfast

Breakfast is Free to all Students

$2.25 - Breakfast for Adults (coffee available with meal)

$2.25 - Additional Meal Servings for Students and Adults

Meal Prices for Lunch
$ 2.25
Paying Students (Grades PK-5)
$ 2.50
Paying Students (Grades 6-12)
$ 0.40
Students Who Qualify for Reduced-Priced Meals
$ 3.50
Employees & Volunteers
$ 4.00
Visitors (parents, vendors, spouses of employees, etc.)
$ 3.50
Additional Meal Serving for Students and Adults 
Supplemental Sale Items From The menu
$ 0.50
Extra milk and juice
$ 1.00
Tea and coffee without meals (Adults only)
$ 2.00
Extra entrée serving
$ 0.60
Extra Side dishes
A La Carte Items
Priced individually based on a percentage above actual cost of the item.
Paying for School Meals


Pay for school meals on line with “MySchoolBucks”
Easy-to-use, convenient, private and secure.  Simply go to the myschoolbucks website to enroll and to start using the site to deposit funds into your student’s lunch account.  Once your account is established, you can check balances or fund the account anytime from your home computer, phone or fax.  Your child’s information is safe—it stays at school.  Your personal and payment card information is protected by the most advanced Internet security.  Call 855-832-5226 or visit the
myschoolbucks website for more information.

Charging Meals

Payment is due at mealtime.  Elementary and Middle School Students without cash or money on account may be allowed to charge for only five days.  At that point the account must be paid before allowing additional charges. To avoid any potential embarrassment, students are given a green slip as a courtesy reminder after three charges. Also, negative balance letters are sent home weekly with each student.  All account balances will be transferred to your child’s new school if they transfer schools within the system.

Free and Reduced Price Meal Application Procedures

All students applying for benefits must complete a new application every year. The 2019-2020 meal applications are distributed to all students the first week of school , or currently accepting application online and are available in the school nutrition manager’s office.

Some of the approved applications will be verified for correct information.  If your application is selected, you are responsible for providing the necessary information.

  • New students moving into the school system must complete an application immediately.  Meal status does not transfer across county and state lines.
  • Prior year students who received benefits last year in Bulloch County are eligible to continue these benefits until September 13th or until a new application is processed, whichever comes first.  As of September 13 2019, students without an approved application are required to pay for meals. 
  • If a free or reduced student's status changes due to a newly submitted application, the new status takes effect immediately once the application is processed. 
  • The School Nutrition Director does notify parents, who have submitted a new application, if their child's status has changed.   
  • Parents who submit a new application should be prepared to possibly pay for meals should their status be changed.  Please remember that high school students may not charge meals, so ensure that they have the cost of a meal available until you have been notified by school system of any possible changes to your child's status. 

Completed applications must be returned to the cafeteria manager’s office for processing.  The program does not accept any responsibility for applications returned to someone other than the cafeteria manager.  For after hours convenience, a secure dropbox is provided at the Auxiliary Services Office, 18201 US Hwy 80 West, Statesboro, GA 30458.

All applications will be processed within 10 business days of the receiving date.  Parents are responsible for payment of all meals during this approval period.  You will be notified by mail if the application is approved or denied.

All students in a family will bring home a blank copy of the application. Please complete only one form listing all students in household.  Instructions for completing the form are attached to the application.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will be returned.


2019 - 2020 Meal Prices

Days Per Month
Paid Students
Reduced Students
All Grades
All Grades
All Grades
Free $ 2.25 $ 2.50 Free $ 0.40
Aug 22   $ 49.50
$ 55.00
$ 8.80
Sept 19   $ 42.75
$ 47.50
$ 7.60
Oct 18   $ 40.50
$ 45.00
$ 7.20
Nov 16   $ 36.00
$ 40.00
$ 6.40
Dec 14   $ 31.50
$ 35.00
$ 5.60
Jan 19   $ 42.75
$ 47.50
$ 7.60
Feb 15
$ 33.75
$ 37.50
$ 6.00
Mar 21   $ 47.25
$ 52.50
$ 8.40
April 17   $ 38.25
$ 42.50
$ 6.80
May 16   $ 36.00
$ 40.00
$ 6.40
Total 177   $ 398.25
$ 442.50
$ 70.80