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School district implements CDC's updated quarantine guidelines
Posted 12/7/20

More flexible options reduce quarantines to 7 or 10 days

If you are directly exposed to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, you now have more flexible quarantine options. Bulloch County Schools put the changes into effect on December 4 in response to COVID-19 protocol revisions announced by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on December 2, followed by updates from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) as well.  While 14 days still remains the recommended length of time for healthy persons to monitor their health after direct exposure to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, if you are not sick, you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, and certain conditions are met, your quarantine period can now be reduced to seven or ten days. The isolation period for sick persons with COVID-19 symptoms remains at ten days. 

Bulloch County Schools' nurses and human resources personnel have updated the school district's protocols for students and employees accordingly. The new guidelines are retroactive and can be applied to those currently under quarantine.  Bulloch County Schools' quarantined employees and parents of quarantined students who are interested in finding out about a return before their original 14 days may speak with their supervisor or the student's school nurse.

Updated Duration of Quarantines

If you are not sick and do not live in a congregate setting (group home; dorm, etc.) you may discontinue quarantine after seven or ten days.

Seven-Day Quarantine

You may return to work or school after seven full days have passed since your most recent exposure to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, if you have fulfilled all three of the following criteria:

  • You are tested for COVID-19, and the test is negative. The test should be a diagnostic test (PCR or antigen) and the test specimen may not be collected more than 48 hours before you plan to end your seven-day quarantine. If you plan to discontinue quarantine after seven full days, then you should not have a COVID-19 test until after you have completed at least five full days of quarantine.
  • You may not discontinue quarantine until you have completed a minimum of seven full days since your most recent exposure, even if you receive your negative test result earlier. If your result is positive, you must follow DPH isolation guidance.
  • You do not experience any COVID-19 symptoms during your seven-day quarantine period.

Ten-Day Quarantine Option

If you choose to not be tested for COVID-19, you may return to work or school after ten full days have passed since your most recent exposure to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, if you do not experience any symptoms during the ten-day quarantine period.


Quarantine Guidance for Student Athletes

A student athlete who ends quarantine after 7 or 10 days can return to practice if the athlete can adhere to mitigation measures, which include appropriate mask use and adherence to six feet of social distance from others while at practice. However, the athlete cannot return to athletic competition until a full 14 days have passed since direct exposure to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.


Quarantine Options