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National School Bus Week is October 21-25; District honors local bus drivers
Posted 10/15/19

National School Bus Safety Week is October 21-25. Bulloch County Schools will take this time to recognize and show appreciation to its Transportation Department personnel for their service. School principals, faculty, and students will recognize their drivers in various ways during this week, and we invite you to express your appreciation as well. 

Our roving ambassadors travel more than 6,200 miles each day servicing 102 bus routes. In a school year they will provide transportation to more than 1300 field trips and athletic events, and log between 1.1 and 1.3 million miles. They are the first and last face that the majority of our students see each day, so they help set the tone of our learning environments. 

Bulloch County Schools employees a team of 113 drivers, 22 bus monitors, and seven mechanics to manage its transportation services and ensure more than 5,300 students are transported safely to school twice each day. More than 50 percent of the school district’s students depend on bus transportation to school, and almost all students will ride a bus at some point for class field trips or athletic and academic events.

School bus drivers are key to our school district safety plans. They help ensure safety when they participate in rigorous, specialized training on a variety of child care, driving, and bus maintenance topics. 

All drivers are trained in basic bus mechanics, how to prepare for bus inspections, and how to properly return their buses at the end of the school year. Drivers bring their buses to our bus garage every 20 days to be inspected and serviced by our team of skilled mechanics. Drivers also perform pre- and post-route inspections daily to look for any possible maintenance issues.

All drivers go through mandatory training about proper student management, student privacy, and first aid just like teachers. Our buses are an extension of the classroom.

All drivers are required to annually test their skills on the school district’s driving range to keep their skills sharp and to help them handle real-world, driving situations. They also annually attend a three-hour, state-mandated safety training session. 

At the beginning of each school year, drivers conduct age-appropriate school bus safety courses for all students. They use puppetry, videos, and presentations along with outdoor demonstrations with a bus to ensure all children know how to safely board and disembark from a school bus, how to handle emergency situations, and proper conduct. 

Join us as we salute our driving force October 21-25.  We appreciate their service to our school district.