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Window for Gifted Services nominations is open Aug. 1 - 17
Posted 7/29/18

Gifted Services nomination graphicQUEST Fall 2018 Testing Window is August 1 - August 17

Bulloch County Schools' Gifted Services will conduct a fall review of students who have transferred to Bulloch County Schools and students entering first grade. We will receive nominations from teachers, parents/guardians, students, or peers for any students who meet the specifications for this window of consideration.  


Nominations will be accepted beginning Wednesday, August 1 through Friday, August 17, at 12 noon.  All nominations must be submitted to the QUEST facilitator at each elementary or middle school by that date.  For your convenience, online nomination forms are available for each elementary and middle school at  See the links on the side of the webpage. Nominations for all other students will be accepted during our main testing window beginning in January 2019.
Bulloch County Schools does not typically test a child for gifted services more than once in a school year.  Students tested in the spring are traditionally not eligible to participate in the full fall review. Any nominations received after the test window closes will be held until the Spring 2019 review.


Once the nominations are closed, the eligibility team at each school will review the data submitted to determine if a student requires a formal evaluation for gifted services. A nomination does not guarantee formal evaluation. Gifted Services are based on need, and the review team must establish that there is evidence of a need for services before evaluation can take place. At that time, the parents/guardians of the identified students will receive a Permission to Test Form to sign and return to their child's school.  Testing will follow the receipt of this form.  Testing will begin after teams have taken time for the data review and the receipt of permission to test. 


Kindergarten Students: We will accept nominations for kindergarten students during the Spring 2019 testing window. If a kindergarten student is referred for further testing, he or she will be tested at the beginning of the next school year as a first grade student. If selected to participate in the formal evaluation process, a student will take standardized tests in Mental Ability, Achievement, and Creativity. Grades or a Rating Scale will be used to assess a student's motivation. 
A chart on the Gifted Services webpage provides the test measures used in each area, and denotes the required scores for eligibility, using Option B – multiple measures criteria. Option A requires eligibility in only two measures Mental Ability and Achievement, but in kindergarten through second grade, the Mental Ability Score must be in the 99th percentile, while in third grade and up the 96th percentile is accepted.
Notification of evaluation results will be sent in by the end of the semester