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Continuous Improvement


Bulloch County Schools is an internationally accredited school system through Cognia. Our current accreditation is valid through June 30, 2027.

Operating Structure

Bulloch County Schools is a Strategic Waivers School System. State law (OCGA §20-2-84.3) requires all GA school systems to select an education model under which to operate. 

Strategic Plan

Bulloch County Schools operates under a community-developed strategic plan to align the community’s goals for quality of life and workforce development with the rigorous and relevant instruction and experiences students need from early learning through post-secondary education.   

Consolidated Local Education Agency Plan

Bulloch County Schools, is Bulloch County's local education agency. We annually invite and include parents and the community to participate in developing a  Consolidated Local Education Agency Improvement Plan. 

Family Engagement Plan

Bulloch County Schools believes in strong parent and family engagement for student success. Our team of parent and family engagement specialists help connect school and home. The school district's Parent and Family Advisory Committee helps develop a Parent and Family Engagement Plan  to help ensure a partnership between home and school to support children.