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Human Trafficking Awareness

Key Contacts

Debbie Sarratt
School Improvement Director

Social Studies teachers at your child's school.

Parent & Guardian Information

Each school year, your child will receive human trafficking awareness education. Georgia's Senate Bill 287 mandates that all students in grades 6 to 12 receive instruction concerning trafficking prevention and awareness.

Students in grades six to nine  will receive the human trafficking awareness lesson as part of their sex education curriculum. Students in grades 10 to 12 will receive a separate human trafficking awareness lesson.

All communities, whether urban, rural, or suburban are vulnerable to this injustice. Students are one of the highest-risk populations and traffickers are targeting them to become both victims and perpetrators. We can save lives by teaching students how to recognize the warning signs of human trafficking and who to contact for assistance.

This lesson will be taught in your child's Social Studies class either first or second semester depending on each individual school's schedule. To review this single lesson prior to instruction, parents are invited to attend parent review nights at the school district's Central Office, located at 150 Williams Road, Suite A, in Statesboro.

Parent Review Nights

  • You may attend a parent review night. No registration for the session is necessary. This is for both our Human Trafficking and Sex Education lessons.
  • You may also contact Debbie Sarratt at the Central Office for more information: By Phone: (912-212-8566) or By Email

Parents and guardians have the option of excluding their child from this single-day lesson. If this is your decision, please complete this opt-out form and return it to your child's teacher. Students who are opted-out will be sent to a supervised location with an alternate assignment.