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Visual Arts

Helping students explore Visual Arts offers many benefits. It engages learners in school, reduces stress, and provides a creative outlet. Creating Visual Art develops social-emotional and interpersonal skills, enriches students' experiences, and helps them handle constructive criticism. Time invested in drawing, painting, ceramics, and other creative endeavors bolsters academic achievement by improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Moreover, Visual Art experiences enhance focus and concentration, making young people well-rounded individuals who can learn and grow during pleasant times as well as times fraught with adversity.



Elementary Schools

Brooklet Elementary:
Lauren Fowler

Julia P. Bryant Elementary:
Elizabeth Harrison

Langston Chapel Elementary:

Mattie Lively Elementary:
Lindsey Reid

Mill Creek Elementary:
Judy Ware

Nevils Elementary:
Carlee James

Portal Elementary:
Autumn Horton

Sallie Zetterower Elementary:
Alison Powell

Stilson Elementary:
Erin Henry

Middle Schools

Langston Chapel Middle:
Nia Burns

Portal Middle High:
Deena Scarborough

Southeast Bulloch Middle:
Heather Gonzales

William James Middle:
Sydney Almand

High Schools

Portal Middle High:
Deena Scarborough

Southeast Bulloch High:
Brantley Burns

Statesboro High:
Kim Kaiser & Hayley Ward