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Fifth Grade Exploration

Each year all fifth-grade students are invited to be part of the middle school bands at what will be their new middle schools. Joining a band is an important choice. It can open the door to new peers, intellectual growth and stimulation, and possibly, future scholarships and travel opportunities.

Near the end of their fifth-grade year, students get the chance to hear and see their future middle school bands perform.  This is a great time to see and hear the different instruments that make up each middle school band. 

Sixth-Grade: Choosing Instruments During Parent Band Night

At the beginning of each new school year there will be parent band nights at each middle school. These meetings are drop-in events. Representatives from local music companies and the middle school band directors will be on site to assist you. By the end of the event, you and your child will be completely ready for the first day of band. Please see the flyers that will be distributed for specific details from the companies. 

The music company representatives and the band directors will help you with the following: 

  • Guide you through the process of fitting your student with the correct instrument; and 
  • Guide you as you decide to rent or purchase an instrument. There are also some school-owned instruments available at a reduced cost, and you would only need to buy a mouthpiece and any accessories the instrument may need.