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Frequently Asked Questions About Middle School Band

Question: Does my child need to come to the parent meeting?

  • Answer: Students should come to parent meeting to be sure they are fitted with best band instrument for their physical characteristics.

Question: Can my child play sports/participate in clubs and do band?

  • Answer: Absolutely! Band is a class. We meet during school hours everyday. This allows your child to participate in band AND participate in after school sports/activities. In fact, many of our students participate in a sport or club outside of band and are successful in both activities. We work with coaches and club sponsors to ensure your child gets the best of both worlds.

Question: Why should my child join band in 6th grade?

  • Answer: Sixth grade is the best time for your child to join band. Our programs and school schedules are geared towards students starting band in the 6th grade. Starting in the 6th grade gives your student the most amount of time on their instrument through middle and high school band.

Question: What if I don't know anything about music?

  • Answer: That’s ok! We will teach your child everything they need to know, step by step. From how to assemble and care for the instrument, to reading notes and rhythms. We will guide your child through the process. All that is needed from you is an enthusiastic attitude, patient ears, and your generous support when your child comes home and makes their first sounds.

Question: Must we attend the parent meeting to order an instrument?

  • Answer: No, there are local music stores that can help set up an instrument for your student, however, it is important for their success that they are fitted with the band instrument that best fits your student. This is why we recommend attending the parent meeting,

Question: What are the checklist steps for helping my 5th grade student get into 6th grade Band for Langston Chapel Middle School or William James Middle School)?

  • Answer: Here are the steps parents need to complete in order to help students at LCMS and/or WJMS get into 6th grade Band:
    • March 24th, 2023: Look for Beginning Band information letters being distributed to 5th-grade LCMS and WJMS students.
    • April 21, 2023: All students return Band Enrollment forms to their school's music teacher.
    • August 1, 2023: Completed Band Enrollment forms
    • Beginning of the 2023/2024 school year (dates to be announced): ATTEND A PARENT MEETING OR ACQUIRE AN INSTRUMENT.
    • August 19, 2023: BAND FAST START AT STATESBORO HIGH SCHOOL: professional musicians will be at SHS to start each and everyone on their instruments. All instruments rented on Parent Nights will be delivered and distributed on this day.