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Assessment Security

Key Contacts

Dr. Casey McNeely
Executive Director 

Carole Colson
Administrative Assistant

Sandra Kirby  
Director of Assessment and Accountability  

Amy Burgin  
Data Analyst & Virtual Program Registrar  

Phyllis Harrison
Project Manager

For Media  & Public Information Inquiries

Hayley Greene, Director

Public Relations Department

912.212.8512; 912.536.2827

Test Security Policy/Plan and Consequences

The successful implementation of a system-wide student assessment program requires a concerted effort by all personnel involved in the testing process.

In accordance with the Georgia Department of Education, any action that compromises test security or leads to the invalidation of an individual student’s or a group of students’ test scores is viewed by the Bulloch County Board of Education (Board)  as inappropriate use of handling of tests and will be treated as such.

The Board's test security policy/plan follows the Georgia Board of Education guidelines as outlined in the Georgia Student Assessment Handbook for ensuring and maintaining student assessment integrity and providing accountability.

As a part of the security policy all personnel involved in each test administration are required to attend training which covers roles and responsibilities and appropriate handling of secure test materials. Personnel are also made aware that failure to comply with established testing policies and procedures may be reportable to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Bulloch County policy states that should any system personnel become aware of a suspected testing irregularity which may have resulted from failure to follow policy and/or procedure within the testing window, must report it immediately to the school test coordinator and/or principal. It shall then become the responsibility of the school's test coordinator to report the incident and provide documentation to the school INTERNAL LINK system's test coordinator. The system coordinator will provide documentation and notify the Georgia Department of Education and the Bulloch County Human Resources Director. Personnel may also be reprimanded by the local Board of Education with guidance from the Professional Standards Commission.

The Professional Standards Commission shall determine the appropriate disciplinary action and consequences necessary as related to teaching certificate. The following may apply as deemed by the severity of the incident: Warning, Reprimand, Suspension, Denial, Revocation.