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Workforce Development Plan


To prepare students for successful careers and to build an educated, skilled, and efficient workforce for economic growth in Bulloch County.

Three Pillar Foundation

The three pillar foundation of the Bulloch County Workforce Development Plan is derived from the Georgia Department of Education's vision for all students to graduate from high school prepared to be enrolled, enlisted or employed.

  1. Enrolled: Preparing student for post-secondary academic success
  2. Enlisted: Preparing students for careers in the military
  3. Employed: Preparing students for work in local and regional business and industry

Goals for 2022 to 2025

Goal #1

Sustain a collaborative for developing and monitoring continuous improvement of ongoing community-wide workforce development strategies.


  • Restructure the current Career Technical & Agricultural Education Committee to become the Workforce Steering Committee.
  • Identify facilitators and stakeholder groups for all sub-committees of the Workforce Steering Committee
  • Facilitate a community-wide campaign to increase positive perceptions of regional vocational opportunities
  • Develop an evaluation plan to determine the effectiveness of the Bulloch County Workforce Development Plan
  • Hold an annual retreat to review progress and identify updated needs of the Bulloch County Workforce Development Plan and the Workforce Steering Committee

Goal #2

Implement an exemplary districtwide program for employability skills training, rigorous coursework, and authentic experiences for all Career Technical & Agricultural Education students.


Goal #3

Prepare all students enrolled in Bulloch County Schools to be workforce ready through enrollment, enlistment, or employment opportunities.


  • Provide access to well-rounded, authentic education experiences through participation in Work-Based Learning
  • Increase career awareness and preparation for the in-demand, high-wage, and high-skill jobs available in Bulloch County and our region.