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Migrant Education Program

Key Contacts

Michael Powell
Federal Programs Director
Title Programs/EL/Parent Involvement/Migrant
912.489.5855 (Fax)

Linda Cortes
Migrant Team Leader

Yanitza Valentin Vega
Migrant Student Service Provider
912.682.9019 (Cell)

Nelly Akins
Migrant Student Service Provider & Family Liaison
912.618.0283 (Cell)

Erika Angeles Garcia
Migrant Student Service Provider
912.531.7668 (Cell)

Georgia's Migrant Education Program

Migrant Education Program
Title I, Part C

The Migrant Education Program is a national program that annually provides supplemental education and supportive services to approximately 800,000 eligible migrant children across the country to help them overcome educational disruptions and disadvantages which result from the culture of migration. The Migrant Education Program grew out of Title I of Public Law 89-10, passed in 1965, to assist all disadvantaged children. Since migrant children have specific needs, they require special help and services. Thus, the Migrant Education Program was established separately by an amendment to Title I in 1966.

Some of the students in our schools are eligible for the Migrant Education Program Instructional and Support Services. The Migrant Education Program, a component of Federal Programs, is a federally funded educational program for students whose parents move across school district boundaries seeking temporary of seasonal work in agriculture and fishing. Eligibility must be verified prior to a child's participation in the program.

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