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Providing Differentiation

As part of the middle school gifted parent nights, parents were asked to rank what is most important to consider when differentiating the content, process, and product for gifted learners in Bulloch County. The top five responses for each mode are listed below in rank order.

Top Five Responses per Mode of Differentiation



  1. Content is taught above grade level and/or in greater depth - accelerated or enriched
  2. Integrates research skills and methods
  3. Incorporates relevant and real-life experiences
  4. Content integrates multiple content areas
  5. Requires intellectual struggle



  1. Instruction emphasizes higher order thinking, problem-solving and communication skills
  2. Instruction emphasizes problem solving and extending learning in creative ways
  3. Instruction fosters self-initiated and self-directed learning
  4. Students use information to construct their own knowledge and to make connections across disciplines
  5. The pace of instruction emphasizes problem solving and extending learning in creative ways



  1. Products demonstrate the student's ability to communicate effectively in oral, written, and visual formats
  2. Teachers conference with students to provide specific feedback
  3. Products demonstrate problem solving and extension of content
  4. Students use goal-based checklists
  5. The level of understanding should demonstrate the highest levels of thinking