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Gifted Education Services

Nomination for Gifted Services

Next Nomination Window: January 2 through January 25, 2023

Next Testing Window: March 6 through March 31, 2023

Bulloch County Schools conducts reviews of children who are nominated for gifted services. The school district receives nominations from teachers, parents, guardians, students, or peers for any students who meet the specifications for this window of consideration.

All nominations must be submitted to either the Quest facilitator at the student's elementary or middle school by the nomination deadline, or for your convenience, there are online nomination forms for each elementary and middle school on this web page.

Once nominations are closed, each school's eligibility team will review student data to determine if a formal evaluation for gifted services is required.

  • A nomination does not guarantee a formal evaluation.
  • Gifted Services are based on need.
  • The review team must establish whether the evidence confirms the need for a formal evaluation.
  • If the evidence confirms the need for a formal evaluation, the parents or guardians of the identified students will receive a Permission to Test Form to sign and return to their child's school. This form is required before testing can begin.
  • Testing will begin after teams have taken time for the data review and the receipt of permission to test is received by the gifted teacher at the child's home school. 
Key Contacts

Dr. Julie Chance

Executive Director of Program Improvement

Dr. Julie Wilson, Coordinator
Gifted Services
912.212.8529 (Fax)