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Bus Driver Training

Key Contacts

Bulloch County Schools Transportation, Maintenance & Technology Annex  
219 Simons Road 
Statesboro, Georgia

Julie Chance, Ed.D. (Interim)
Transportation Director

Susan Beasley
Transportation Secretary

Juanita McMillan
Field Trip Coordinator

Cheyanne Crawford
Transportation Bookkeeper


Bus drivers have a crucial role to transport children safely.  For this reason, Bulloch County Schools has  a very stringent training process for its new and existing bus drivers. The school district provides this training to applicants and employees for free.  

Training for Bus Driver Applicants

Our Transportation Department provides free training classes for people who are interested in becoming a school bus driver.

  • Commercial Drivers' License Online Study Course - School bus drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver's License Permit B with endorsements. If you want to apply for a bus driver position and do not have this type of valid license, you must obtain the license first.  We provide a free, online study course to help you prepare for the Georgia Department of Driver Services' test.
  • Bus Driver Training Classes for Approved Applicants - If you have a valid commercial driver's license, you may apply for a school bus driver position. Then contact us to register you for these required bus driver training courses.
    • 12 hours of classroom instruction
    •   6 hours of school bus driving instruction with a skilled driver without children on board
    •   6 hours of school bus driving instruction on a school bus with children

Once these training courses are complete, applicants must take and pass a bus driver test administered by a third party. Once an applicant passes the test, he or she is now ready to be assigned to a bus route.

Training for Bus Driver Employees

All drivers receive rigorous, specialized training on a variety of topics before they take the wheel behind a big yellow bus. First and second-year drivers go through mandatory training on student management, student privacy, first aid, railroad crossings, bus loading/unloading, fire extinguisher use, backdoor locking/unlocking, bus mechanics, preparing a bus for inspection, driving range, and preparing a bus for end-of-year return.  

All school district bus drivers are required to test their driving skills on a standard bus range to keep skills sharp and help handle real-world, driving situations. They also must attend a three-hour state safety training session annually.