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Campus Parent Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Infinite Campus Parent portal Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Infinite Campus Parent portal?
A. The Infinite Campus Parent portal is a parent-specific login to the shared, community-wide Infinite Campus Student System. Campus Parent presents information about students' class schedule, attendance, assignments, grades, etc. to authorized parents or guardians in real time with secure socket layer  encryption of the information that is being transmitted.

Q. How do I get started and access Campus Parent?

A. Get started here. A link to Campus Parent is located on the the Bulloch County Schools Website. You may also go directly to the Campus Parent Login screen. We recommend you “bookmark” this location after you get your account enabled and working.

Q.  Do I need any special software?
A.  To effectively access Campus Parent, you will need the following: 

Q. What happens if I forget my Username or Password?
A.  If you forget your username and password, you will need to submit a request to have your reactivate your. Please contact the media specialist at your child's school.

Q.  My account is locked. What do I do?

A.  For security purposes, the Portal will be disabled after three failed login attempts using an invalid password. If your account is locked, please contact your school's media specialist.

Q.  I did not receive/lost my activation key. What should I do?

A.  Please contact your school's media specialist.

Q. When I enter the activation key, it says that the key has already been used to create an account.  What do I do?

A.  Please contact your school's media specialist.

Q. When I go to the Campus Parent address and type in my user name and password and hit login, it says “Page not found . . .” What do I do?

A.  If your browser settings for privacy and security are set high, you may not be able to view portal information. Check your settings under “Tools” and “Internet Options”.

Q.  How can I get help navigating this system?

A.  See Campus Parent Basic Navigation Guide (PDF).

Q.  Where are my child’s averages?

A.  To find the current average for a class, click on Schedule underneath the students’ name.  Then click on the name of the course to see the current average. 

Q.  Why won’t my reports print?

A.  Make sure that you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, and you have allowed pop-ups.  Adobe Reader is a free document reader available for download on the web. Also, make certain that you have disabled "Pop-Up Blockers" within your Internet Browser for this website.

Q. Why are there multiple events on the Family Calendar?

A. The calendar shows the events for each school that the parent has students enrolled. The individual school calendar for each student will only display the events for that school/student.

Q. How often is information updated in Campus Parent?

A. Information is updated in real time. Attendance data takes time to reconcile and therefore may not accurately reflect the correct status of the absence. For example, a parent may have sent a note stating the reason for the absence, but the attendance clerk has not yet updated that information in the system.

Q. Can I access Campus Parent from a computer other than my home computer?

A.  Yes, as long as the computer you are using meets the minimum computer requirements and has internet access.

Q.  How do I add/change/correct my email address or telephone numbers?

A.  Once logged in to Campus Parent, click on Change Contact Info in the left navigation.  Then enter the new email address.   Notify your school of any change in telephone numbers or additional contacts.

Q.  How do I change/correct my address?

A.  Notify your school of any change in address.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions about the information in Campus Parent?

  1. Discuss the issue with student.
  2. Discuss the issue with your child's teacher via the email link within the schedule portion of Campus Parent or contact your child's school to leave a message for the teacher.
  3. Discuss the issue with an administrator at your child’s school.