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Protocol for Heat Advisories

Bus Transportation

  • Eighty-five percent of our bus fleet is air-conditioned. All special education buses and spare buses have air conditioning.
  • All bus routes that are more than 30 minutes in length have air conditioning.
  • On hot days, drivers are trained and reminded to disregard their usual bus idling best-practice policy and instead start buses in the afternoon five minutes before children come to the bus, rather than once the first child boards the bus. This way buses will be cool as students board.
  • For buses without air conditioning, drivers lower all windows and open roof hatches for better air flow.
  • Students are allowed to drink bottled water on the bus.
  • Drivers are trained and accustomed to these procedures, and they are reminded as these situations occur.

Recess & Athletics

  • It is the Bulloch County Board of Education’s policy that all middle and high schools use the Georgia High School Association’s Bylaws - Practice Policy for Heat and Humidity for athletic practices.
    • These policies include limiting activity, frequent hydration, cool-down zones, and limiting athletic gear.
  • All athletic coaches are trained and expected to know these stipulations, and must ensure their sports programs strictly follow these policies.
  • Principals and athletic coaches monitor weather advisories and cancel or modify outdoor activities as needed in the event of extreme temperatures.
  • Only elementary schools have a recess time that may include student-directed physical activity.
  • All of our facilities have an air-conditioned gymnasium for physical education classes and where outdoor activities can be moved if necessary.
  • For middle and high school physical education classes which may also include outdoor activities, they use the Georgia High School Association’s Bylaws 2.67 - Practice Policy for Heat and Humidity.
  • School administrators and athletic directors use readings from a scientifically approved instrument that measures the Wet Bulb Globe.
  • A wet bulb globe is used to determine a temperature and how to follow the Georgia High School Association guidelines.