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General School Safety Plans

Bulloch County Schools and its 15 schools and learning centers are required by law to do the following:

  • Have school safety plans in place
  • Conduct drills on that plan
  • Have a process for reviewing and updating the plans annually
  • Have the plans on file with the Bulloch County Emergency Management Agency

Each of Bulloch County Schools' campuses has a school safety team in place, and the school district employs a school safety officer to oversee safety and ensure compliance with these requirements. School safety plans address the four main categories of concern:  Prevention; Preparedness; Response; and Recovery.

Every public school in Georgia is required to have a school safety plan and to conduct drills on that plan. Plans address school violence prevention training, mental health awareness, school security measures, partnerships with public safety officials, and more. They are developed in coordination with local law enforcement and the local juvenile court system and approved by the local emergency management and law enforcement agencies.  The Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security provide support and training as districts develop their school safety plans. 

  • Official Code of Georgia 20-2-1185:
    • "Every public school shall prepare a school safety plan to help curb the growing incidence of violence in schools, to respond effectively to such incidents, and to provide a safe learning environment for Georgia's children, teachers, and other school personnel. Such plan shall also address preparedness for natural disasters, hazardous materials or radiological accidents, acts of violence, and acts of terrorism....Such plans shall be reviewed and, if necessary, updated annually.  Such plans of public schools shall be submitted tot he local emergency management agency."
  • Official Code of Georgia 50-18-72: Disclosure of school safety plans is not required under open records laws.
    • "School safety plans prepared pursuant to Code Section 20-2-1185, whether in the 175 possession of a local school system, a local law enforcement agency, a local emergency 176 management agency, the Department of Education, the Georgia Emergency Management  177 and Homeland Security Agency, or any other public entity."
  • The Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security are required by law to provide safety training for schools.