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Comply with Visitor & Volunteer Protocols

Visitor & Volunteer Protocols

Bulloch County Schools has required safety protocols for all visitors and volunteers in our schools. You can learn more about those requirements here.  These protocols are in place to help avoid incidents of a disruptive nature by controlling the flow of guests in all buildings. These procedures help ensure accountability in regards to who is visiting within a school at any given time and will provide administrators with the names of all guests in the school in the event of a school emergency, evacuation, or medical emergency of a guest.     

Visitors & Volunteers to Secure Areas

Visitors and volunteers, including parents and guardians, do not have unrestricted access to the secured areas of school buildings. All visitors and volunteers are required to check in at the main office, state the purpose for the visit, and be granted approval by the administration or office staff before they enter into the secured areas of the building. The school district must control and monitor the flow of visitors, and this must include parents and guardians too. This enables administrators to be best prepared for emergency situations and enhances our level of security. 

  • Secure areas:  To ensure the safety of all adults and children in our facilities and to ensure the speed and accuracy of our check-in and check out process:
    • All visitors and volunteers will be required to present a state-issued picture identification card or driver’s license to gain entry into secured areas (any area past the inner locked doors in lobby and office).
    • Should you not have a state-issued identification card, other acceptable forms of picture identification may be accepted at the discretion of school administrators.
    • School administrators have the authority to ask anyone to explain his or her presence in the school building.
  • Front office and lobby:  To check-out a child from school or register a child for school, you must identify yourself and submit one form of picture identification.  This is not required to be a government-issued identification.  
  • Bulloch County School System Sign-In Procedures:
    • Upon arrival, you must check in at the main office, present a state-issued picture identification and state the purpose of their visit.
    • Administrators or office staff will verify appointments or other reasons for the visit.
    • You are required to wear a temporary guest badge provided by the school at all times while you remain in the school building or on school premises.
    • You must remain in approved areas only.
    • You must at all times act in a manner appropriate to the safe functioning of the school environment. Any individual who engages in uncooperative or disruptive behavior will be required to leave the premises.
    • Upon conclusion of the visit, you must return to the main office and check out.
    • The district reserves the right to deny an individual entry to any school building when there is reason to believe that such individual's presence would be detrimental to the operation of the school and the learning environment.   

Walking Children Into School

  • For elementary schools, parents or guardians may walk their child or children to their classroom(s) during the first two weeks of each new school year.  After that they may walk their child to the school entrance/foyer only, but not to their classrooms. 
  • For middle and high schools, parents are not allowed to walk students to class. Students are encouraged to be independent. A parent or guardian who wishes to meet a teacher, may ask the school's office to help make an appointment.
  • Each school will determine what measures need to be implemented for special events that take place during the day to ensure there is sufficient intentional monitoring. Visitors will still be required to sign in at the main office.

Delivery of Items to a Classroom

School office staff will be glad to help ensure that any items that parents or guardians have to drop off to a child or classroom will be taken down to the classroom as soon as possible. Under special circumstances school administrators or main office staff may give approval for the visitor to sign in and get a visitor’s pass and allow the visitor to take the items to the classroom. 

Meeting with a Teacher During School

If a parent or guardian needs to speak to their child’s teacher, they may make an appointment with their child’s teacher by emailing him or her, sending a note with their child, or by asking the school office to make an appointment with the teacher. School administrators and office staff will help facilitate this communication in any way they can. Partnerships with parents and guardians are valued, and communication with your child’s teacher is encouraged. 

Special Events at School

Each school will determine what measures need to be implemented for special events that take place during the day to ensure there is sufficient intentional monitoring. Visitors and volunteers will still be required to check in and check out at the main office.