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School Safety

Georgia's School Safety Hotline

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General School Safety Protocols

See Something? Say Something!

If you see something, say something using one of these available tip hotlines. Social media is not the appropriate source to report your concerns. Instead, immediately report crime tips or suspicious activity at your school to a school administrator, a trusted adult, or law enforcement:

Other Emergency Services Hotlines

Safe Learning & Work Environments

Bulloch County Schools strives to create and maintain safe schools and offices for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and we invest resources to continuously improve safety equipment.  

Parental support and community involvement are vital to help the district maintain safe, orderly schools. The district regularly works in partnership with the Bulloch County Emergency Management Agency and all of our law enforcement agencies within the county, state and nation to develop and implement school and district safety plans. Each of our schools is required by the state to have a safety plan that is regularly reviewed and updated.

Emergency Preparation is Critical

The school district works closely with local government, law enforcement and other emergency management officials to monitor safety concerns and respond quickly to situations as they arise.

  • The district and all schools have plans to respond to emergencies, including inclement weather, fire, dangerous items on campus, utility outages, intruders, etc.
  • Our schools update their site-specific Safe School Plans annually and they are reviewed by the district’s safety officer with assistance from law enforcement.
  • The district provides several training opportunities to school staff to assist them in preparing for a wide range of potential emergencies.
  • All schools conduct emergency drills throughout the school year so that students and staff are aware of the most effective and safe emergency responses.
  • Each school has assigned key staff members to perform roles and responsibilities during emergency situations.

Delayed Dismissal & Emergency Closings

Occasionally, an unforeseeable event or emergency may require the closing of a school or all schools for a period of time. The decision to close schools, or alter opening and closing times is made by the superintendent after consulting with county and municipal public safety agencies and school district staff.

Notification of emergency closings is given as soon as possible so parents and guardians can make arrangements for students to be cared for during these times. The decision to close schools is based on many considerations, the most important being the safety of students, staff, parents, and others in the community.

In cases of threatening weather, the district maintains close contact with the National Weather Service, the Bulloch County Emergency Management Agency and local law enforcement officials to help make decisions about dismissal of students or school closings. Officials want to make the safest possible arrangements for students and may delay the dismissal of students during exceptionally hazardous weather conditions, such as lightning.

The district’s electronic messaging system will be used to notify parents about delayed dismissals, closings or other emergency conditions. In most situations involving delayed dismissal, students who walk or ride bicycles may be kept at school until parents can arrange for them to be picked up. Bus riders will be delivered home when conditions allow for a safe dismissal.

Emotional Support for Students & Employees During Emergencies

It is important that students and employees feel safe in their schools and offices, especially after a crisis has occurred.

  • Should there be a need, the district can provide counseling services to students and/or staff through our school counselors, school psychologists, and licensed local counseling professionals with whom we partner.
  • The district has a mental health website with resources for students, families, and employees.
  • Additional counseling benefits are available to benefitted employees through the district's Employee Assistance Program

Georgia's School Safety Hotline

24/7 School Safety Hotline

1.877.say.stop or 1.877.729.7867

Key Contacts

School Safety 

Todd Mashburn, Director
School Safety Department

Public Information Officer

Hayley Greene, Director
Public Relations Department
912.212.8512 or 912.536.2827 

Safety Resources

Georgia Center for School Safety

Georgia Emergency Management Agency

Bulloch County Emergency Management Agency

Bulloch County Volunteers Active in Disasters (VOAD)

Ready Georgia - Natural Disaster Preparedness for Families

Consumer Product Safety Commission Guides for Families