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Threats Intimidation & Terroristic Threats

Any threat(s) to do harm to one or more persons or property of, in, or in any way related to any school or school system is/are prohibited. A prohibited threat or intimidation may take the form of, without limitation, one or more statements made verbally, in writing, or through any electronic means; one or more gestures; or general demeanor. A prohibited threat or intimidation may be directed toward, without limitation, any administrator(s), teacher(s), paraprofessional(s), staff member(s), school bus driver(s) or drivers’ helper(s), student(s), students’ parent(s) or guardian(s), or attendee(s) at any school-sponsored event(s).

Examples of prohibited threats or intimidation include, without limitation:

  • placing one or more persons in fear of bodily harm;
  • threatening to subject physical, personal, or real property to harm or damage;
  • making a bomb threat or some other threat of attack;
  • pulling or activating, without authorization, one or more fire alarm(s) or security system(s); or
  • threatening, stating, or expressing an interest in using or discharging a firearm in, at, near, around, or toward, or otherwise “shooting” or “shooting up,” any person(s), school(s), or school property or premises.

It shall not be a defense to a charge of Threat/Intimidation that

  • The individual charged did not intend to carry out or engage in the threatened conduct;
  • Any person(s) threatened did not experience or undergo an actual, subjective fear of harm; or
  • The individual charged did not have the present or immediately-accessible means to carry out or engage in the threatened conduct.