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Student Search & Seizure Policy

The Board authorizes reasonable searches of students directed to that end by authorized school officials. Searches based on reasonable suspicion may proceed without hindrance or delay, but they shall be conducted in a manner which ensures that students are not arbitrarily stripped of personal privacy. The principal of each school, or his/her authorized representative, possesses the authority to conduct inspection of a student’s locker, automobile, person, or other possessions based on a reasonable suspicion of the presence of unauthorized items. The term “unauthorized” is intended to mean any item that is dangerous to the health or safety of students or school personnel, or disruptive of any lawful function, mission or process of the school, or any item described as unauthorized in school rules available beforehand to the student. Metal detectors and drug sniffing/ weapon sniffing canines may be used to search students and their personal property to detect possession of unauthorized items before, during, or after the school day on school property, school transportation, and at school related activities. A student’s failure to permit searches will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.  

Student cars brought on campus, student book bags and other containers, pocketbooks/purses, school lockers, desks and other school property, including school buses, shall be subject to inspection and search by school authorities at all times without further notice to students or parents. Such searches may be conducted using search dogs or hand-held metal detectors.

In the event that a specific student is reported or suspected of having weapons, drugs, or other materials in violation of school rules, school district policy or state law, his/her person may be searched. Full random searches will be conducted by school officials and/or law enforcement. 

Seizure of Illegal Materials: If a properly conducted search yields illegal or contraband materials, such findings shall be turned over to proper authorities for ultimate disposition.