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Required Reports to Outside Agencies Concerning Student Acts

Any school employee who has reasonable cause to believe that a student has committed a criminal act on school property or at a school function, has a duty to make a report of that act, in order that law enforcement can be notified. Any student who commits any of the following acts on school property or at a school function will be reported to law enforcement, in accordance with federal and state laws:

A.  Certain battery offenses
B.  Certain sexual offenses
C.  Carrying certain weapons at school functions, on school property, or within school safety zones
D.  Possession, use, sale, transfer of marijuana, illegal drugs and controlled substances

E.   Other violations may be reported to law enforcement based on acts that concern the safety and well being of students and staff members, to include terroristic threats.

Bulloch County Schools reserves the right to contact law enforcement concerning any offense that jeopardizes the safety, health, and/or welfare of students and staff. In addition, terroristic threats will be reported.