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Student Code of Conduct

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 Bulloch County Schools Student Code of Conduct 2023-2024

General Expectations

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to communicate established student behavioral expectations. Students are expected to behave in a way that facilitates an effective, safe, and positive learning environment. Expected behavior is behavior that promotes learning and encourages personal responsibility during the school day as well as during all school-related activities. Included in the Code of Conduct are disciplinary policies, description of infractions, and consequences for failure to adhere to school rules. Pursuant to Georgia law, student codes of conduct/discipline policies shall identify consequences to address specific misbehavior as specified by law (O.C.G.A. 20-2-751.5).

The rules in the Code of Conduct are designed to notify students (grades K-12) as to the types of behaviors that are not acceptable. Nevertheless, every specific variation of the prohibited Code of Conduct may not have been included.

Consequently, students should expect to be disciplined for misconduct that is obviously inappropriate. A specific violation need not be written for every conceivable variation of behavior that directly affects the orderly mission of the school. Students, their parents, and school personnel need to know and understand our expectations:

A.  Students are expected to participate fully in the learning process.
B.  Students are expected to avoid behavior that impairs their own or other students’ educational achievement.
C.  Students are expected to show respect for the knowledge and authority of teachers, administrators, and other school employees.
D.  Students are expected to recognize and respect the rights of other students and adults.
E.  Students are encouraged to seek the help of school officials to resolve conflicts with other students.
F.  Parents/Guardians are expected to inform their children of the consequences, including potential criminal penalties, of underage sexual conduct, bullying, cyberbullying and crimes for which a minor can be tried as an adult.
Parents/Guardians, teachers, and school administrators are expected to work together to improve and enhance student behavior and be actively involved in the behavior support processes designed to promote positive choices and behavior. Parents/Guardians and students should contact the principal of the school if specific questions arise related to the Code of Conduct.
Students who repeatedly disrupt the learning environment will be subject to disciplinary consequences. Parents/Guardians, teachers and administrators are to work cohesively to encourage parent involvement in the learning process. A parent conference may be requested as necessary. Parents/Guardians will be required to engage in the problem solving process for students who fail to adhere to established standards of acceptable behavior (O.C.G.A. 20-2-765).
The Code of Conduct is in effect during the following times and in the following places:
A.  At school or on school property at any time.
B.  Off school grounds at any school activity, function or event and while traveling to and from such events.
C.  On vehicles provided for student transportation by the school system and while waiting for and leaving such vehicles under observation of school personnel.
D.  Students may be disciplined for conduct off campus that is felonious or which may pose a threat to the school’s learning environment or the safety of students and employees.
E.   If a student is transitioning between schools or school districts, the consequences will follow the student to the next school location (O.C.G.A. 20-2-751.2).