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Parent Guardian & Student Notices & Affirmation Form

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Georgia’s Student Privacy, Accessibility and Transparency Act, the Bulloch County Board of Education designates certain student information as limited directory information. Disclosures of directory information will be limited to specific parties, for specific purposes or both.

The list of limited directory information includes the following:

  • student’s name;
  • address;
  • telephone number;
  • email address;
  • date and place of birth;
  • school;
  • grade level;
  • participation in officially recognized school activities and sports;
  • weight and height of members of athletic teams;
  • dates of attendance at schools within the district;
  • diplomas, certifications, honors and awards received during the time enrolled in the district’s schools;
  • previous school or educational institution attended by the student;
  • official school photograph; and
  • parents’/guardians’ legal names 

Limited directory information will be released for the specific purposes listed under the Every Student Succeeds Act and Student Media Release sections below. Vendors with whom we contract may be provided with limited directory information. 

Every Student Succeeds Act

Pursuant to the Every Student Succeeds Act and its Armed Forces Recruiter Access to Students and Student Recruiting Information section, public school systems are required to provide high school students’ directory information to military recruiters, colleges and universities, by request. You, or your child (if 18), have the right to request directory information not be released. If desired, complete a Request to Restrict Directory Information Form.  Forms are available at your school’s office. 

Student Media Release

Bulloch County Schools and its education partners obtain, reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute, and create students’ feedback, derivative works, photographs, videotaped images and/or likenesses for these express purposes: 

  • To promote, publicize or explain classroom instructions, athletics, extracurricular events and activities in school system to the public. 
  • To publish images and information in newsletters, newspapers, magazines, websites, social media and marketing materials in order to promote the mission and accomplishments of the school system, its schools and its students. 
  • To annually participate in the anonymous Georgia Department of Education's Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 (Grades 3 to12).
  • To participate in any pre- and post surveys for the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power. These are age-appropriate surveys given to students in grades 6 to 12, who are enrolled in Bulloch County Schools' Sex Education program and Human Trafficking Awareness lessons. 

You, or your child (if18), have the right to request directory information not be released. If desired, complete a Request to Restrict Directory Information Form, available at your school.

Access to Internet, G-Suite for Education, & Digital Resources

You have the right to request your child’s access to the internet, Google Workspace for Education, and other digital resources be restricted at school. If desired, complete a Request to Restrict Internet Access Form, available at your school’s office.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act - School district use of an electronic messaging system

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires school districts to receive express consent to make automated or pre-recorded telephone calls and texts to a cellular telephone. When you register your child for school and at the beginning of each school year, you provide contact information, which can include cellular telephone numbers. When you provide a cellular telephone number(s), you provide the school district express consent to send calls and texts to your cellular telephone(s) in order to keep you informed about school operations, any specific concerns related to your child, and emergency information.

Should you choose to revoke consent to receive automated calls/texts to your cellular telephone(s), contact the registrar at your child's school or follow the opt-out prompts when you receive a message from the district’s electronic messaging service. If you revoke consent for automated calls/texts, you may not receive time-sensitive informational or emergency messages about school operations or your child.

The school district requires you to provide notice of any changes to your contact information within ten days. This includes changes to cellular telephone numbers you previously provided. Please be aware that the school district disclaims liability for any alleged damages that result from your failure to provide the school district with correct contact information. This includes notification that a telephone number you have given the school district has been disconnected or reassigned.

Bulloch County Schools Student Handbook & Code of Conduct Affirmation

As the custodial parent or guardian of the child enrolled in Bulloch County Schools listed below, and in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 20-2-736(a), I acknowledge, by electronically signing this form for and on behalf of myself and the Student, that the Student and I have received and reviewed the 2022-2023 Bulloch County Schools Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, and the Parent/Guardian Annual Notices. The Student and I understand and agree to abide by the policies, agreements, procedures, and directives set forth in these publications.  The Student and I understand and agree that not acknowledging receipt of the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct does not absolve any individual(s) of any responsibility with respect to the information contained therein or any other school system policies, regulations, or guidelines.

Note: This form is embedded within both the online registration process for new students and the online annual update of student information for returning students. Parents or legal guardians have the opportunity to review and electronically sign their acknowledgement to this document within those online platforms.

A printable version of this form is also posted on this web page. Review and sign either the electronic or printed form and either submit it electronically or return a signed paper copy to your child's school within 30 days of enrollment.

Printable Version

The Parent, Guardian, & Student Notices and Affirmation Form may be signed by the parent or guardian in one of the following ways: