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Public Relations Department
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COVID-19 Cases Reported

Protect Yourself & Protect Others
  • Please do not come to work or send a child to school: 
    • If you are sick or have a fever;
    • If COVID-19 symptoms or situations are present; or
    • If you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19

We appreciate your cooperation. Your decisions and actions impact others. All of us must act responsibly to keep our schools healthy, safe, and open.

School District Demographics

classroom graphic
  • Student Enrollment Virtual & On-Campus: 10,891
  • Students Learning On-Campus: 6,343 (58.1%)
  • Total Employees / Total On-Campus*: 1,594 / 1,488
  • Number of Schools: 15 schools; 3 alternative centers
  • Number of Office & Operations Locations: 4
  • Date Reporting Began & First Day of School: Monday, August 17, 2020

COVID-19 Positive case & Exposures Report to-Date

Last Update: 2 p.m., November 25, 2020 
Date Reporting Began: August 17, 2020

Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases

Covid graphicTotal Cases Since August 17: 178

  • Week 15, November 22-28: 6 cases
  • Week 14, November 15-21: 18 cases
  • Week 13, November 8-14: 20 cases
  • Week 12, November 1-7: 13 cases
  • Week 11, October 25 -31: 6 cases
  • Week 10, October 18 - 24: 8 cases
  • Week 9, October 11 - 17: 8 cases
  • Week 8, October 4 -10: 4 cases
  • Week 7, September 27 - October 3: 6 cases
  • Week 6, September 20 - 25: 13 cases
  • Week 5, September 13 - 19: 12 cases
  • Week 4, September 6 - 12: 14 cases
  • Week 3, August 30 - September 5: 21 cases
  • Week 2, August 23 - 29: 23 cases
  • Week 1, August 17 - 21: 6 cases
COVID-19 Clusters

Total COVID-19 Clusters: 24 Clusters 

Direct Exposures to a COVID-19 Case

Face mask graphicAs of November 25: Number of People Exposed to a Confirmed Positive Case of COVID-19 (virtual and face-to-face learning programs) who are currently under a 14-day at-home quarantine: 188

  • Total Number of Direct Exposures who have been quarantined since August 17:  1,669 people
  • Week 15, November 22-28: 87 quarantined
  • Week 14, November 15 - 21: 127 quarantined
  • Week 13, November 8 - 14: 179 quarantined
  • Week 12, November 1-7: 172 quarantined
  • Week 11, October 25-31: 53 quarantined
  • Week 10, October 18 - 24: 68 quarantined
  • Week 9, October 11 - 17: 42 quarantined
  • Week 8, October 4 -10: 45 quarantined
  • Week 7, September 27 - October 3: 64 quarantined
  • Week 6, September 20 - 26: 145 quarantined
  • Week 5, September 13-19: 121 quarantined
  • Week 4, September 6 - 12: 101 quarantined
  • Week 3, August 30 - September 5: 97 quarantined
  • Week 2, August 23 - 29: 284 quarantined
  • Week 1, August 17- 21: 84 quarantined
Quick-Reference of Cases by Location
school graphic Quick-Reference of Total Cases by Locations
How information is reported

This website provides data for Bulloch County Schools' confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and direct exposures as reported by the school district's medical personnel and administrators using robust and secure protocol developed in partnership with the Department of Public Health. This website is updated in real time as cases are reported. While our school district medical personnel collect, monitor, and report other health data to the Department of Public Health, this online report will focus on confirmed cases and quarantines/exposures.

The following protocol applies to confirmed positive cases and direct exposures to confirmed positive cases of COVID-19:

  • All confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and direct exposures are reported to the Department of Public Health by school district medical personnel.
  • The confirmed positive case is isolated, and persons who had direct exposure are quarantined for 14 days.
  • The school districts' COVID-19 tracing teams at each location will continue perform the following:
    • Contact trace those who had direct exposure to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on or in school property
    • Notify students, parents, and employees of exposure to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19
    • Report all confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and exposures to the Department of Public Health
    • Report all confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, exposures, and clusters on this real-time website
  • A direct exposure does not mean a person is sick. 
  • Quarantined students will receive instruction via distance learning provided by their regular classroom teachers, who will use the school district's G-Suite for Education tools such as Google Classroom and Google Meet.
  • Employees who quarantine should consult with their supervisor, who can consult with Human Resources to appropriately code any applicable COVID-19 leave.
  • Case: A reported case is an employee or student in either the school district's virtual or on-campus learning programs, who has received a confirmed positive diagnosis of COVID-19.  A reported case does not mean that the individual was physically in or on school property (building, athletic facilities or bus) on the day a case is reported.
  • Quarantines: A student or employee who has direct exposure to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 on or in school district property (building, athletic facilities or bus) or they are the family member of a student or employee who has a confirmed positive case. Direct exposure is contact for 15 minutes or more within less than six feet.
  • COVID-19 Clusters:  A cluster exists and is reported to the Department of Public Health if there are two or more people who were on or in school district property who developed COVID-19 symptoms or had a confirmed positive test within 14 days of each other, and who had been in direct close contact with each other. This is reported in order to monitor a potential outbreak or spread in a specific area.
  • Isolations: Isolation separates people who are sick for any reason from people who are not. COVID-19 has a wide range of symptoms, some of which mirror other common illnesses. Based on our protocols developed with the Department of Public Health, some students and employees may stay home or be sent home to isolate for up to 10 days if they are sick. An isolated person can return to school if they receive an alternate, non-COVID diagnosis from a healthcare provider or have a negative COVID-19 test. An isolated person must also be symptom-free and fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing drugs to return to work or school.

Isolation numbers are not included in this online data because their COVID-19 status is unknown, and they may receive an alternate diagnosis from a medical provider. If an isolated person receives a confirmed positive COVID-19 diagnosis, then this online report will reflect that data.

  • Students and Employees*:  The data reflects students and employees in both the school district's virtual learning and traditional on-campus learning programs because even those in the virtual program may be in or on school property.  College interns, student teachers, Statesboro-Bulloch County Parks & Recreation Department Afterschool personnel, and contracted services personnel who serve on our campuses are included in the data of this report as well.