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COVID-19 - Coronavirus Information & Resources

What is COVID-19 - Novel Coronavirus?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new coronavirus strain that has not been previously identified.  The virus causing the 2019 outbreak is not the same as the coronavirus that commonly circulates among humans. It is referred to as COVID-19 because it is the official name assigned to the disease by the World Health Organization after the outbreak began in Wuhan China in 2019.

What is the School District Doing?

We take our responsibility to help prevent illnesses very seriously.  These are our roles as a public school district:

  • Ensure education services are provided to all students in an equitable
  • Reference guidance from the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Department of Public Health's Pathway to Recovery for K-12 Schools
  • Provide a plan that provides parents a choice of traditional and virtual instruction options for their child
  • Establish plans for those in the school district's traditional instruction setting to address face masks, social distancing, screening protocols, sick employees/students, hygiene, cleaning, school meals, bus transportation, large group gatherings, etc.
  • Ensure our athletic directors, coaches, and student athletes adhere to COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Georgia High School Athletic Association for athletic activities.
  • Coordinate  and communicate regularly with the Southeast Health District Department of Public Health to allow them to communicate with affected and potentially affected COVID-19 exposures, and seek their guidance on whether to close a school, parts of a school, or all schools.
  • Communicate important information with school district employees and our students' families
  • Ensure school district medical staff at each school are trained to recognize and report signs of this and any illness
  • Ensure faculty and school medical personnel always encourage employees and students to use proper hygiene 
  • Ensure custodians daily use standard deep cleaning practices established by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) and use effective cleaning products. We have confirmed that our cleaning supplies are effective against COVID-19. 
  • Ensure we have custodial teams have supply inventory to meet these needs for the school year.
  • Train custodians about additional methods to increase our disinfection practices in relation to Novel Coronavirus. This was accomplished in March 2020, and has been in daily practice since that time and will continue when students return.
  • Ensure all school buses receive intensive disinfection prior to schools reopening and daily between routes
  • Ensure public restrooms in our schools are always well stocked with proper hygiene products and establish additional hygiene stations.
Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Tips to help prevent the spread of flu, the coronavirus, and other illness:

Hygiene Tips

Key Contacts

Superintendent of Schools
Charles G. Wilson, Jr.


Public Information
Hayley Greene, Director

Public Relations Department
912.212.8512 (Office) or 912.536.2827 (On-Call)

Medical Support
Leslie Schlierf
Executive Director
Special Education Department