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Innovation Grant Application

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Innovation Grants

Who: The opportunity to apply for an Innovation Grant is open to all Bulloch County School System teachers, media specialists, counselors, or any combination of teams within one school setting or among schools. 
What: A maximum of 20 Innovation Grants will be awarded each fall, up to $1,500.00 each.
When: Window to apply for grants opens each fall to Bulloch County Schools' faculty. 
Award Announcements:The Bulloch County Foundation for Public Education Board of Trustees awards its fall grants during a Bulloch County Board of Education Board Meeting. 

Note: If faculty resubmit a previous grant application that was not awarded, they should update the application for the new grant period and especially update the budget and timeline.  

  • Applications can be sent electronically via the online form above on or before, the publicized fall application deadline.
  • Innovation Grants are judged and scored based on the published rubric. Applicants must agree to implement the approved grant initiative and expend all awarded funds prior to May 1, of the grant award year.


  • A check will be written to the school at which the grant will be conducted.
  • All Bulloch County Board of Education accounting procedures must be followed when purchasing items for the grant.
  • All items purchased are property of the school not the employee. Please have any items purchased handled accordingly through the Bulloch County Board of Education inventory.
  • If grant funds are not spent by the end of the school year the money must be refunded to the Foundation with exceptions. If you have an exception please contact Susan Cassedy.
  • Evaluation of the grant must be done 30 days after the completion of the grant if possible or by May 1, of the grant award year.
  • Applicant's school principal must sign and be aware that the applicant is applying for an innovation grant.