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Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department supports learning by providing a quality, technology-rich, secure environment for children and adults.  It provides a seamless, efficient network, technology tools and resources for our offices and learning areas.

The school district invests funds in technology to provide the following:

  • Enhanced internal communications between our 19 schools and offices;
  • Interactive boards and projectors in our classrooms and meeting spaces;
  • Laptops for teachers on a continuous five-year refresh;
  • Computer-based testing resources;
  • Increased bandwidth for video and Internet-based research;
  • Wireless Internet access;
  • Teacher access to student folders on the network; and
  • An integrated student information system for student records, grade books and records access for parents.

To support these investments technology liaisons are at each school and an instructional technology specialist provides district-wide instruction on how to infuse this technology into the classroom experience.

Google Apps Suite

Bulloch County Schools is a Google Apps Suite district. Students are surrounded by technology at home and in the world, and the school system has given teachers the tools to better engage students in the learning process using technology. Technology is making paperless classrooms as teachers pair their laptops, Google Suite educational tools and other resources to store lesson plans, create teaching blogs, and access any number of video, audio and print resources to support their lessons.  

Continuous Improvement in Technology

In addition to classroom technology upgrades, our school system has implemented Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), thin client computing, data virtualization, video distribution, teacher laptops, Internet bandwidth upgrades, and network infrastructure upgrades to support wireless in our schools.

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