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Employee Benefits Open Enrollment

Key Contacts

Billie Jean (B.J.) Brannen
Coordinator of Employee Benefits


Charlisa Osgood
Training & Technology Coordinator


Note: Employee benefits and open enrollment are only available to full-time, benefits-eligible employees.  Substitutes, temporary employees, and employees who work at 49  percent time are not benefits-eligible. Open enrollment occurs each October to November for current employees.  New employees complete their benefits enrollment as part of their new-hire paperwork.

Questions: Contact BJ Brannen or Charlisa Osgood at 912-212-8500 with any benefits and open enrollment questions.

Open Enrollment Information

What benefits are available during Open Enrollment?  Open Enrollment includes two separate enrollments: 

  • State Health Benefit Plan (Medical Only) and 
  • NFP (Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Disability, Accident, Critical Illness, Teledoc and Flex Spending)   

When is Open Enrollment? Open enrollment occurs each year from mid October through early November for current employees.  

Do I have to participate in Open Enrollment?  You only participate in open enrollment if you need to add benefits, make changes or updates to your current benefits, or if your are interested in using Flex Spending. The federal government requires those who use Flex Spending to re-enroll each year. 

How do I add or update State Health Benefit Plan (Medical) benefits? To add or update State Health Benefit Plan (Medical Only) benefits,call 1-800-610-1863 or visit the State Health Benefit Plan website.  The enrollment code is SHBP-GA.

How do I add or update my benefits with National Financial Partners (Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Disability, Accident, Critical Illness, Teledoc and Flex Spending)  To add or update these benefits, you will call 1-800-994-7429, visit the Bulloch County Schools BSwift website, or schedule a one-on-one meeting with benefits personnel. See more information the location schedule of these personnel below. 

How do I schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss NFP benefits during Open Enrollment?  

  • All questions regarding the appointment sign-up should be directed to Charlisa Osgood at 912-212-8517.