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Elementary & Secondary Emergency Relief Funds

Key Contacts

Alison Boatright
Chief Financial Officer

Key Links Online Dashboard: School District Federal Relief Funds Feedback? Questions?

If you have questions, need more information, or would like to offer feedback to Bulloch County Schools' Return-to-School Plan or its use of federal relief funds contact 912.212.8500 or contact us by email.

Bulloch County Schools received $36.8 million in federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds:

  • $2.6 million from Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security Act 
  • $10.5 million from Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplemental Appropriations
  • $23.7 million from American Rescue Plan Act

In addition to these funds, the state utilized an additional $1,466,825 from its federal relief funds in March 2021, to be used for bonuses to teachers and other educators, and an additional amount of $156,601 to reimburse the district for previous cuts in state  funding.  As a result the total amount of relief funds to Bulloch County Schools is $38.44 million.

The Georgia Department of Education has developed an online dashboard to provide a simple, transparent way for the public to see Georgia school districts’ federal COVID-19 relief funds. The dashboard shows the amount of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds a school district has received, the amount of submitted budgets approved, and time remaining in the grant period.

Purpose of Funding

The purpose of this funding is to provide school systems with resources to sustain operations during the economic recovery. Twenty percent of the American Rescue Plan Act funds must be used to address student learning loss. The remainder of the funds are flexible. 

How Bulloch County Schools WIll Use the Funds

Bulloch County Schools is using the funds strategically to sustain our school district's financial stability during uncertain economic conditions and to prioritize recovery from the learning crisis that developed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school district is using the funds to support at-risk student populations, our distance learning and Virtual Learning programs, school meals,  mental and physical health, supplemental learning, facilities and equipment, continuity of core staff and services, and more.

During the Board of Education's Fiscal Year 2022 Budget process, the school district provided the Board and the public details about how funds were used in Fiscal Year 2021, how they would be used in Fiscal Year 2022, and how they would be used through 2025. 

  • Fiscal Year 2021
    • Utilized funds Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security Act and Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplemental Appropriations funds to do the following:
      • offset the school district's deficit budget due to state funding cuts and increased operational costs associated with the pandemic; and
      • strengthen the district's financial position.
  • Fiscal Year 2022 to 2025
    • Utilize funds to increase the school district's general fund balance to sustain the district through the next three to five years while we address learning gaps and navigate uncertain economic conditions.
    • Budget funds in order to sustain these efforts over the long-term so that the district does not have to prematurely halt needed student support efforts.
    • Utilize American Rescue Plan Act set aside funds to intentionally address student learning loss.
    • Utilize American Rescue Plan Act funds to continue to offset state funding cuts and strengthen financial position.
    • Structure the use of the federal funds with state and local funds to maximize flexibility.