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Strategic Waivers System

School Flexibility in GA

Bulloch County Schools is a Strategic Waivers School System. The State Board of Education voted on Bulloch County Schools' Strategic Waivers Application on Feb. 18, 2016, during its regularly scheduled meeting. The application was approved unanimously by the State Board of Education. Read more about the Strategic Waivers process in Bulloch County Schools.

State law (OCGA §20-2-84.3)(PDF) required all Georgia school systems to notify the Georgia Department of Education by July 15, 2015, under which of four new education flexibility models they would operate.  Each public school district in Georgia must notify the Georgia Department of Education how it will operate.  See also the State Board of Education Rule(PDF).

There are three available flexibility options from which to choose: (1) a Strategic Waivers School System (formerly known as the Investing in Educational Excellence School System (IE2); (2) Charter System; and (3) Status Quo System.  School systems will enter into performance contracts with the State Board of Education. A PowerPoint presentation that compares each of these options is available on the right side of this webpage.  There is also a link to the list of flexibility options that are potentially available to school districts based on their performance contract with the State Board of Education.