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History of Our Schools

Historical Archives & Research

Georgia Archives

The Georgia Archives has created an online virtual vault which features photographs and information about the historic school buildings in Georgia's counties. These are Bulloch County's historic school houses which are either no longer in use or no longer exist. In the virtual vault, schools that existed prior to desegregation feature a notation in their title as to the race of students it served. 

Georgia Southern University Libraries

Georgia Southern University's Zach S. Henderson Library in Statesboro, houses the University's Special Collections Library. It collects, organizes, describes, preserves, and makes available materials of permanent institutional and historical value to the University and the local community. The collection includes all available archives for the public schools in Bulloch County's history. 

For research assistance or to donate important artifacts, contact  912.478.7819.  The current Special Collections Librarian is Autumn M. Johnson.

Statesboro Regional Library

The Statesboro Regional Library includes an extensive genealogy section with more than 8,000 materials, including books which detail pictures and histories of Bulloch County's schools. There are also extensive family histories and Census records if you are seeking information about past educators and education leaders. 

The Last Log Cabin School House

On the back corner of Stilson Elementary School’s campus in Bulloch County, sits an 81-year-old log cabin. Believed to be the last of its kind, it is also the last of five original structures which once stood on the property. Though not used by the school system since the 1990s, Stilson Elementary School's Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics Lab Teacher Jenny Hendrix and her students partnered with multiple departments at Georgia Southern University to began a project to preserve the structure's history. Read more about the project and watch an historical documentary about the building.