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Meeting Agendas & Packets

Availability of Meeting Documents

Board of Education meeting packets are not required to be made available to the public except through an open records request; however, the Bulloch County Board of Education does make its packets readily available to the public and news media. 

To ensure the packets are complete with all of the documentation that will be presented to the Board at their scheduled meeting, we do not post the complete packet until 24 hours prior to the Board meeting or sooner if available. Board Packets are not considered public information until they are presented to the Board in open meeting. 

The Board agenda is posted at the Central Office, posted to the website,and distributed to the public and news media at least 48 hours prior to each board meeting.

Posted agendas are tentative. The agenda is subject to change either prior to the meeting as additional business needs require the Board's attention or during the meeting when the Board may vote to amend the agenda prior to a vote to adopt the agenda. Agendas are posted at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled meeting.

2024 Agendas & Packets

Access Board Meeting Packets Here

Please note that the school district now uses Simbli, for its board meeting documents. Simbli is a Georgia School Boards Association product and the same platform that houses the board's digital policy manual.

  • Use the button link above to open the board packet archive.
  • Select the board packet you wish to view by its date, click on it to open it, and it will appear as an agenda. Agenda items that have supporting documents to view will have a paper clip icon next to them.
  • Click the paper clip icon to view any supporting documents.

Archived Board Packets

How to propose an agenda topic

Items of business for a Board meeting agenda may be suggested by Board members, school or district administrators, school district employees, parents, the public or anyone who has pertinent business to bring to the Board's attention. Suggested items of business must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of Schools or Board of Education Chairman and received in the Office of the Superintendent at least seven days before the meeting in order to ensure consideration for inclusion on the written agenda.

Board of Education meetings are business meetings of the elected governing body of the school district. They are not town hall meetings; therefore, items of business may not be suggested from the floor for discussion nor can action be taken at the same meeting based on public input except at the discretion of the Board chairman or a majority of Board members present. The Board of Education does provide a listening session for public participation at each of its regular session meetings. 


Mandy Motes
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent; Board Secretary; & Custodian of Records for  Open Records Requests

News Media/Student Media Requests
Hayley Greene, Director
Public Relations Department
912.212.8512; 912.536.2827

Legal Counsel
Bruce, Matthews & LaVoie
102 South Main Street
Statesboro, GA 30458