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Department Personnel

Office of the Superintendent of Schools

William James Educational Complex
150 Williams Road, Suite A, Statesboro, GA 30458
Office: 912-212-8500
Fax: 912-212-8529

  Charles Wilson, CPA, MBA
Superintendent of Schools  

Mary Henley
Administrative Assistant

Public Relations
Hayley Greene
Public Relations / Marketing Specialist
Office: 912.212.8512

Office of Curriculum & Instruction

William James Educational Complex
150 Williams Road, Suite A, Statesboro, GA 30458
Office: 912-212-8560
Fax: 912-212-8569

Curriculum > K-12 Instruction> Georgia Pre-K> Special Education > Gifted Education > Alternative Education > Social Work > School Nursing> Pre-K Disabilities > Hospital Homebound Services > Communities In Schools


Dr. Mary A. Felton 
Assistant Superintendent
 Curriculum & Instruction
Theresa Beasley
Administrative Assistant
 Curriculum & Instruction

Teresa Phillips
 Director of English Language Arts & Social Studies
Office:  912-212-8551

Cyndi Westberry
 Secretary for Curriculum & Instruction
Office:  912-212-8550

Leslie Schlierf
 Executive Director of Student  Support Services

(Special Education, Gifted, School Nursing, Pre-K Disabilities, & Hospital Homebound Services)
Office:  912-212-8580

Jennifer Wade
 Director Early Learning (K-3)
Office:  912-212-8558


Abbie Lacienski, Director

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE)
Office: 912-212-8566


Casey McNeely, Director of Mathematics (4-12)
Office: 912-212-8571

 Virginia Bennett, Director of Science (4-12)
Office: 912-212-8572


Catherine Hendrix, Director
21st Century Grant/Communities in Schools
Office: 912-764-6179

Ellen Cowart, Lead Teacher

QUEST - Gifted Services

Office:  912.212.8564


Dionne Gamble
Coordinator of Attendance & School Social Worker


Jessica Nails
Secretary to School Social Worker/Disciplinary Hearing Clerk


Transitions Learning Center

150 Williams Road, Suite B

Offfice:  912-212-8610

FAX:  912-212-8619

Tim Rountree, Administrator


Rachael Akridge, Secretary


Office of Organizational Effectiveness

Office: 912-212-8553
Fax: 912-212-8559

Accreditation > Federal Programs > Professional Learning > Testing > Data Analysis > Information Technology > Instructional Technology > Parent Involvement > Student Information


Monica Lanier
Assistant Superintendent
Sherri Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Georgianna Darsey
Federal Programs Director
April Beasley
Data Analysis Coordinator
Brenda Kingery
Program Specialist for Testing
Carole Colson
Patricia Webb
Coordinator of Student Information
Jeff Giddens
Instructional Technology Specialist
Kelly Spence
Professional Learning Director

Amanda McQuaig


Information Systems Department
Bus Garage
219 Simons Road, Statesboro, GA 30458
Office: 912-212-8660
Fax: 912-212-8679
Craig Liggett
Chief Information Officer
Staci Jewell
Administrative Assistant
Rob Cannady
Technology Specialist
Krystal Grell
Technology Specialist
Richard Clark
Communications Engineer
Robby Bragdon
Network Engineer
Mike Townsend
Systems Engineer
Herman Metcalf
Database Engineer

Office of Business  & Finance

William James Educational Complex
150 Williams Road, Suite A, Statesboro, GA 30458
Office: 912-212-8530
Fax: 912-212-8549


Financial Analysis Planning > Treasury Management > State Audits & Reporting > Budget Management > Risk Management > Facilities Planning > SPLOST Projects > Enrollment Projections > Accounting > Purchasing > Human Resources > Medicaid/GAACE > Payroll


Troy Brown
 Chief Financial Officer

Susan Cassedy
Administrative Assistant
Business Finance
Accounting Department
Cindy Higgins
 Accounts Payable & Doc-e-fill
Sandi Neal
Payroll Coordinator

Office: 912-212-8542 
Allie Woodard

Office: 912-212-8543 

Terri Mullis
 Accounts Payable & 
Office: 912-212-8545 

Human Resources Department

Office: 912-212-8510

Phillip Tremble, Director
Sharon Hodges
Administrative Assistant
B.J. Brannen, Coordinator
Employee Benefits

Charlisa Osgood

Certifications & HR Technician


Office of Operations

Bus Garage
219 Simons Road, Statesboro, GA 30458
Office: 912-212-8640
Fax: 912-212-8649


Transportation > School Nutrition Services > Facilities Planning > School Safety > EMA/Homeland Security/NIMS > Title IX Compliance > Grounds & Facilities Maintenance


Paul Webb, COO
Gema Galvin, Administrative Assistant

Transportation Department

Office: 912-212-8640
Fax: 912-212-8649


Janet Tanner, Supervisor

Transportation Assistants

Juanita McMillan

Lori Deal (part-time)


Maintenance Department 
Office: 912-212-8650
Fax: 912-212-8659
Glenn Rogers
Rene' Cowart


School Nutrition Department 
Auxiliary Warehouse
18201 Hwy 80 West, Statesboro, GA 30458
Office: 912-212-8620
Fax: 912-212-8629
Megan Blanchard, Director
Food Services
Lisa Leone, Secretary
Food Services