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Register for School

How to Register for School

All children in the United States are entitled to equal access to a basic public elementary and secondary education regardless of their actual or perceived race, color, national origin, citizenship, immigration status, or the status of their parents/guardians. School districts that either prohibit or discourage, or maintain policies that have the effect of prohibiting or discouraging, children from enrolling in schools because they or their parents/guardians are not U.S. citizens or are undocumented may be in violation of Federal law.  For more information on the rights of all children to enroll in school, click here for a fact sheet.

Registration must be done at the attendance area school.  Families will complete a Family Registration Form , a Student Registration Form , a Young Rider Form, and a Medical Information Form for each child in the family (See forms below).

Our goal is to reduce the amount of paperwork that a family has to complete for school enrollment.  Please help us by calling to make an appointment with your oldest child’s school for paperwork completion.

Family & Student Registration Forms

English Versions Spanish Versions (being updated)
Family Registration Form (Adobe PDF) Forma De Registro Familiar (Adobe PDF)
Student Registration Form (Adobe PDF) Forma Del Registro Del Estudiante (Adobe PDF)
Young Rider Form (Adobe PDF)  
Medical Information Form (Adobe PDF)  

Documents You Will Need to Provide

To register a child for classes at one of Bulloch County Schools’ campuses, a parent or guardian must provide the following documents:

Click Here for a Student Registration Checklist or review the information below.


1. To register a child for school, you must be one of the following:

  • Parent (natural or adoptive)
  • Legal guardian
  • Foster parent appointed by a state agency
  • Sponsor for approved International Exchange Program


2.  Parents/guardians must identify themselves by submitting one of the following forms of identification:

  • Driver’s license
  • State identification card
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Other identification in conjunction with residency documentation


3. Parents/Guardians must provide two (2) proofs of residency in Bulloch County; Location of residence determines the child’s transportation zone and school zone.

Note:  Documents presented for residency verification must have the same address as the accompanying utility bill. The bill must have the name and address of the enrolling parent/guardian, a physical address, and have been issued within the last 30 days. Please note that telephone bills, cable bills or a contingency sales contract are not acceptable. A deed without an address is acceptable if accompanied by two utility bills (excluding telephone and cable bills) with same address as attendance zone.

         Present one of the following (must include address):

  • Non-contingent sales contract
  • Current lease/rental agreement
  • Most recent income tax return
  • Current paycheck stub
  • Current Medicaid card
  • Current residential property tax statement or bill
  • Current warranty or quick claim deed
  • Current home purchase agreement
  • Current homeowner’s insurance policy

Plus one(1) of the following(must include address):

  • Current gas bill
  • Current water bill
  • Current electric bill

If the child’s family is residing in the home or apartment of another individual, the following is necessary for enrollment:

  • Notarized Residency Affidavit - including signature of person with whom the family is living.
  • Proof of residency for person with whom family is living (see above)


4.  Parents/Guardians must provide proof of student’s age and ID by presenting a federal, state, county, or school document with date of birth (provide one of the following):

  • a certified, hospital-issued birth record or birth certificate
  • military ID
  • valid driver’s license
  • passport
  • adoption record
  • religious record that is signed by an authorized religious official
  • official school transcript
  • official immigration documentation
  • affidavit of age sworn by parent/guardian or other authorized person accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a licensed, practicing physician which states the physician has examined the child and believes the age, as stated in the affidavit, is substantially correct.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER/CARD: According to Georgia Law 20-2-150d; An official copy of the student’s Social Security card/number is required for enrollment. However, no student may be denied enrollment for failing to provide his/her Social Security number. Any parent/legal guardian who objects to the incorporation of the Social Security number into the child’s school records may have the requirement waived by signing a statement objecting to the requirement. However, a Social Security Number will be required by the state for a student applying for the HOPE scholarship.

5.  Parents/Guardians must provide proof of Immunization/EED.

  • Valid Certificate of Immunization – (GA Health Dept. Form 3231)  The form must be completed by a staff member from a Georgia Department of Public Health health department or a Georgia doctor. A medical exemption should be noted on Form #3231 with a current date of expiration. You may request a form from your school for religious exemption.
  • Georgia Ear, Eye, and Dental Certificate (EED) – (GA Health Dept. Form #3300) Forms are available from the health department or your Georgia doctor/dentist. Letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable, if completed within the last 12 months and stapled to the state form.


6.  Complete the Family and Student Registration Forms

School Transfer Requests

Parents/guardians of students may request a transfer under the following situations:

  1. Students who are the children of full-time employees of a specific school may attend that school and follow the feeder school pattern as long as that parent is a full-time employee in that feeder pattern.
  2. Parent/guardian who changes residency during the school term and wishes for the students to complete the year at the current school.
  3. Students requiring academic services which are not available in the designated area school.
  4. Medical conditions that create hardship.
  5. School Choice (HB 251)

Parents/guardians may apply for transfer through the Bulloch County Board of Education Transportation Department, located at 219 Simons Road.  For more information, call (912) 212-8640.