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The Bulloch County Board of Education will meet for its scheduled work session on Thursday, April 28, at 6:30 p.m., in the media center at Southeast Bulloch High School.  An agenda and board packet are attached.

Key agenda items include honoring several SEBHS students for recent state and national honors, votes on the school system's five-year facilities plan and intergovernmental agreement with the Bulloch County Sheriff's Office, summer floor covering bids, and Fiscal Year 2017 Budget presentations by the Operations Department and the Organizational Effectiveness Department.
For more information about the Bulloch County Board of Education visit www.bulloch.k12.ga.us/board

State law gives parents and guardians the right to school choice. Bulloch County Schools' annual window for these type requests opens May 2. More information is available at the links below. The letters that were sent home with students are also attached.


Public School Choice (House Bill 251)

For parents/guardians who have a child enrolled in a public school, you can request to transfer your child to another public school within the school district as long as the school district has determined that there is available classroom space at the school after all assigned students have been enrolled. Bulloch County Schools’ annual window for public school choice (HB 251) transfers is May 2 – May 20.


Public & Private School Choice for Special Education (Senate Bill 10)

For parents/guardians with a child who receives special education services, state law allows parents or guardians public and private school choice (SB 10). Bulloch County Schools' annual widow for these type transfers extends through June 3.




Past & Present BOE members’

impact on education leads to contribution


2016-04-12 12.16.47.jpgWoodmen Life donated $1,000 to the Bulloch County Foundation for Public Education during the Foundation’s Board of Trustee’s meeting on April 13. The national financial and insurance corporation made the donation at the request of Board of Education Chairman Mike Herndon. The donation was announced during School Boards Appreciation Week, and it is in honor of past and present Bulloch County Board of Education (BOE) members and their accomplishments.


Governor Nathan Deal proclaimed March 14 – 18 as Georgia School Boards Appreciation Week. In addition to Woodman Life’s donation, the BOE held a special time of remembrance at its March 10 meeting to share oral histories about past education leaders’ positive impact on the school system and community.


“My favorite quote from Tom Brokow says, ‘There is a place in America to take a stand: it is public education’,” said Herndon. “No one accomplishes anything on the Board of Education by themselves, but Board members do spearhead efforts and see them to fruition.”  


This year the BOE specifically remembered former BOE members Al Burke and Donnie Simmons and former superintendent of schools Ed Wynn for their accomplishments such as creating the Foundation, encouraging diversity, establishing a local salary supplement for teachers and pairing Bulloch’s growth and education local option sales tax (ESPLOST) referendums to fund new school facilities and capital improvements. The school system plans to make this type recognition a tradition and permanently display historical information about past members’ achievements at the central office.


Al Burke – District 3 Board Member 1997- 2000

Joe McGlamery, the Foundation’s first board of trustee’s chairman, spoke about Al Burke.  Burke is credited with spearheading the effort to form a charitable foundation for the school system. He and his wife, Janet, were in attendance to hear the accolades.


“We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us,” McGlamery said. “Al had a vision to establish the Foundation. He became its first trustee. He arranged seed money. He helped write the bylaws. He did it all because of his love for boys and girls, and the Foundation process still exists today.” The Foundation funds one-time innovation grants for teachers and underwrites key annual programs, like the Bulloch County Teacher of the Year program and the REACH Georgia Scholarship Program that helps make post-secondary education a reality for deserving students. 


Since its founding in 2005, the Foundation has funded nearly 200 innovative projects for local teachers with grants totaling more than $170,000. Its impact on public education is not only recognized locally, but at the state level as well.  The Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals honored the Foundation with both its Patron Award and statewide Distinguished Patron Award in 2014.  


Donnie Simmons – District 8 Board Member

1985 – 1991 and 2000 - 2004

Dr. Charles Bonds, who served District 8 on the BOE from 1994 – 2010, spoke about Donnie Simmons. “He was born with an ability to speak eloquently and influence people, and he never came to meetings unprepared,” Bonds said. “He believed that if he improved one classroom, it would permeate through the system.  Simmons, who passed away in Dec. 2006, was an advocate for increased diversity. His widow, Dorothy, was present at the BOE meeting.  


Ed Wynn – Superintendent of Schools

1965 – 1968 and 1981 - 1988

Ed Wynn personally shared about key projects during his tenure that still benefit the school system today. Wynn encouraged the BOE to establish a local salary supplement for teachers and led the effort to have the school district’s first Education Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) referendum placed on the ballot. Due to Bulloch County’s tremendous growth during the 1980s, ESPLOST revenue allowed the BOE to roll back the millage rate from 10.5 to 5.5 mills.


Wynn also arranged for two grants to Penny Sikes and Nan Rushing, teachers who had a desire to begin district competitions for math and English language arts. More than 35 years later, the competitions, the Nan Rushing Write-Off and the Penny Sikes Math Tournament, are still going strong and now bear Rushing’s and Sikes’ names.