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Accountability Standards

Accountability Standards - CCRPI

College & Career Readiness Performance Index Replaces AYP

In November 2011 the Georgia Department of Education (DOE) submitted a request for flexibility through waivers of ten Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) requirements and their associated, regulatory, administrative and reporting requirements.In February 2012, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) approved ten such waivers for Georgia and nine other states. 

Georgia’s waiver and its new assessments will remain valid until the United States Congress either reinstates or replaces “No Child Left Behind.” The U.S. DOEis setting much of the criteria for Georgia’s system, and it remains in draft form. Once finalized, a College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) will replace adequate yearly progress (AYP) as a school accountability tool.

CCRPI is designed to provide a level of achievement required for a student to enroll in two- or four-year colleges and universities and technical colleges without remediation, fully prepared for college level work and careers, including the United States military.The intent is for all students to graduate from high school with both rigorous content knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge. Georgia will calculate an overall CCRPI score to be used within the single statewide accountability system.

There are several key differences in how data is assessed for CCRPI versus AYP.  First, the new accountability designations for schools are now Priority, Focus, Reward and Alert. Criteria for placing schools in the first three categories were set by the U.S. DOE; however, the Georgia DOE set criteria for the Alert list.

For the Reward, Priority, and Focus schools, the state will only evaluate Title I schools. Alert school designees will be both Title I and non-Title I schools. Thirteen of Bulloch County’s 15 schools are Title I designees.  The schools will be assessed every three years, rather than annually, except for Alert schools. (Editor’s Note:  Title I is the main source of federal funds that Bulloch County Schools receives. The funds are meant to enhance educational offerings for economically disadvantaged students.)

Second, subgroup populations have been reduced to 10 to 30 instead of 40.  Third, AYP accounted for data from students enrolled for the full academic year (FAY) only; however, new criteria will evaluate all students regardless of time in the system and include scores from all subjects not just math and reading/language arts.  Also, the graduation rate will be calculated differently to more accurately account for students completing ninth through twelfth grade. 

In March 2012 the Georgia DOE began releasing data segments from the new school accountability system. To determine each school’s designation, the state reviewed 2011 standardized testing and graduation data.  Bulloch County has no schools on the Priority list, a designation comparable to the “Needs Improvement” list from the No Child Left Behind Act’s (NCLB) AYP assessment.

Two Bulloch County Schools, Julia P. Bryant Elementary and William James Middle School were designated as Focus schools due to the need to narrow the achievement gap between each of the school’s highest academic achievers and their special education subgroups.  For this reason, the Georgia DOE will provide increased professional development support to these schools.  Using the same 2011 data, both schools made AYP and were designated as Title I Distinguished Schools; however, the change in assessment tools led to the Focus designation.

No Bulloch County Schools were designated as Alert or Priority schools. Reward schools will be announced in September 2012. For a more in-depth presentation about CCRPI, Click Here

 Here are key differences between AYP and CCRPI

subgroups 40+ in size subgroup 15 in size
Subgroups included in determinations All students groups
Full Academic Year (FAY) – Oct Full Time Equivelent-close of state testing window FAY—65% enrollment proposed
Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) No AMOs
AMOs = “Met” or “Did Not Meet” Academic Performance Relative credit for each indicator
Reading/English Language Arts and Math All Subjects
Proxy Graduation Rate 5-Year Extended Cohort Graduation Rate
Needs Improvement” Designations Priority, Focus, Alert and Reward Schools designations
Do not factor into CCRPI
´╗┐´╗┐Attendance Rate – more than 15% missing more than 15 days Attendance Rate:

days present d

days present + days absent