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Gifted Education

Quality Unique Experiences in Study and Thought (QUEST) is the name of Bulloch County School's program serving identified gifted students in first through eighth grades. The program provides special instruction for gifted students so they may achieve at levels commensurate with their intellectual abilities.  QUEST provides both group and individual learning experiences to develop cognitive skills, leadership potential, thinking abilities and creative abilities.  Students in grades 1 - 5 are served in a resource room by a teacher certified in gifted education one day per week. Middle school students, grades 6 - 8, are served 1 period each day.

The QUEST curriculum provides opportunities that enhance the following skills: Communication, problem Solving, Creative and Critical Thinking, Research and Study, Guided Independent Study,  and Self Evaluation.

Gifted Services Testing Window 2015

QUEST Spring Test Window - 2015

Bulloch County Schools' Gifted Services will be conducting a spring review of students who are nominated for gifted services. 

We will receive nominations from the following:  teachers, parents, students, or peers.  Nominations will be accepted beginning Monday January 7, 2015.  The window for submitting nominations closes on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  All nominations must be submitted to the QUEST facilitator at each elementary or middle school by that date.  Bulloch County's Spring Test Window is open to students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Auto referrals will be reviewed using the latest Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test scores in reading and math.

It is Bulloch County Policy that a student is not tested more than once in a calendar year.  Thus, students tested in the fall are not eligible to participate in the spring review. Any nominations received after the test window closes on January 21, will be held until the Fall 2015 Test Window. 

Once the nominations are closed, the eligibility team at each school will review the data submitted to determine if a student requires a formal evaluation for gifted services. A nomination does not guarantee formal evaluation. 

If after the review, it is determined that a student needs formal evaluation for gifted services, the parents of the identified students will receive a Permission to Test form to sign and return to their child's school.  Testing will follow the receipt of this form. 

Testing will not begin until early March to allow time for the review process. If selected to participate in the formal evaluation process, a student will take standardized tests in Mental Ability, Achievement, and Creativity.  Grades or a Rating Scale will be used to assess a student's motivation.  The chart below provides the test measures used in each area, and denotes the required scores for eligibility.  


Gifted Program Assessment and Eligibility Criteria - Chart One


CogAT Test of Mental Ability:  Full scale or appropriate component score ³ the 96th percentile (by age)


NWEA MAP Test Academic Achievement:  Score ³  the 90th percentile (by age or grade) on Total Reading, or Total Math, or Total Battery


Torrance Test of Creativity: Score ³  the 90th percentile (by age or grade) on the Total Battery percentile


GPA ³ 3.5 (as defined in Rules and Regulations) on a 4.0 scale for grades 6 and above,
OR Gifted Rating Scale: Score
³  the 90th percentile (For grades K-5). The GRS may be used in grades 6-8 as another indicator of eligibility.


Gifted Eligibility is determined using one of two options:

Option A -  a student must be eligible in these two areas:

Mental Ability Achievement
  • Grades K-2 - 99th
  • Grades 3-12 - 96th percentile or higher on a composite of a standardized mental ability test
  • 90th percentile or higher on Total Reading or Total Math on MAP Test

Option B -  a student must be eligible in three of the four areas listed above in chart one.

Information shall be gathered in each of the four data categories.  At least one of the criteria must be met by a score on a nationally-normed standardized test.  Any data used to assess one category, may not be used to assess another category.  Assessment data must be current within two years.

Bulloch County Schools does not use private test data to determine eligibility.  It may be used as a referral for further evaluation.  Gifted students who enroll from an out-of-state program must meet Georgia requirements in order to be placed in Bulloch County's QUEST program.  All scores must be current within two years and additional assessment may be necessary.

If a student is determined to be eligible for gifted services during the spring test window, service will begin at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.  Test results will be available by the end of May 2015.


Ellen Cowart, Lead Gifted Teacher


Gifted Services - QUEST

Student Support Services Department


Leslie Schlierf,  Executive Director
Student Support Services Department

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